Individual XP

Has there been any thought or consideration to awarding XP to each individual Hero for participation in AW, Raids, and normal play. For example each player used would earn imdividual XP for specific participation in battle. These points awarded could be a percentage of what is gained via the traditional method, but would most definitely aid in growth as well encourage use of lesser used heroes.

Lord knows this game.has ridiculously slow wait times for every aspect, but a small thing like this would encourage more use and add a new element of fun

I love this idea. Even if the xp reward were minimal, it would add an incentive to use heroes who aren’t maxed, as opposed to farming on autoplay with a top tier team.

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Idea is nice and could have the impact that @Wharflord suggested. Even if you have heroes you used that may eventually become feeder heroes, leveled feeder heroes do give more XP when used.

On top of this I’d like to see a chance to have a non-maxed special level up too with these heroes, and it shouldn’t be game breaking to implement, because you only get to use a hero once every war, and that is twice a week based on the current AW schedule.

Personally, I think a better incentive for having more active war participants is the heroes you defeat from the opposition counts towards your Wanted Heroes Chest.

Spresd the word to your alliance members. Maybe we can get the attention of the developers. Even small individual xp would add an incentive to play more, especially for those that have completed Season 1 and ate on “auto-pilot” farming to build for AW.