Individual opt-out war - how to know?

Hello, the question is how to know if a player has opted out for war ?
Is a sign somewhere in alliance list ?

I think that the player is not anymore on the battlefield.

We have a player not in the battlefield but his defense team was incomplete so we don’t know if it is because of his team or because he has optout…
Before the war was down, we were 26 against 27

If a player opts out BEFORE the war matching, their team does not show on the board after the match is made. I base this on having 1 player opt out before the matching started. When I looked at the board after the match I did not see his team.

When a player opts out AFTER the war matching, all defenders are removed from their war team immediately. Their team does not show up on the battlefield once war starts. This is based on my observations after an alliance member realized he’d forgotten to opt out and clicked the button after our war match was made (but war not started).

Of someone opts out are we matched with a team with the same number of active war participants or what?

According to a response from Petri in another thread, if a player opts out BEFORE the war matching period they are not included in the matching calculations. Your alliance should be matched with another alliance with a similar amount of active players.

I didn’t go look for the post from Petri, but can if needed. It’s in one of the huge War threads on here…

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Thanks Suzanne that’s important information

Yup, that worked for our alliance, too.
I opted out as soon as the long-awaited individual opt out was available - and when I had received permission from our alliance leader - and we are now matched with an alliance that has 29 members on the battlefield as well.

Very nice indeed! :hugs:

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So if we see his incomplete team after the matching, he has not opt out . Just forgotten to add new heroes.
Thanks all for your responses

Correct. If you see Between 1-4 heroes on a players war team, then s/he has not opted out and has probably eaten the missing hero(s).

Should be simple to identify as the team will be greeted out. Hope this clarifies :smile:

Yes, it’s simple now, thank you :slight_smile:

How do you opt out of war?

How do you opt out of War?

Go to Alliance->War and uncheck the „Participate in Wars“ checkmark