Individual Costume Quest/Challenge/Mission

It sucks having a hero you love and use that has become more and more irrelevant due to power creep. It sucks even more knowing that a costume was released that makes that hero relevant again, but it’s behind astronomical odds that you already beat once to pull the hero in the first place.

I think there should be an in game mechanism to attain costumes for heroes we already have on our rosters other than portal pulls. I think adding individual costume quests/challenges/missions or whatever you want to call them would be great. My thoughts are this feature would unlock if you have a level maxed (4/80 for 5 stars) hero that has a costume that has been released for a period of time, say 3 months. This would allow SG to make some money off the portal summons for the new costume. The task that the player must complete could be grindy as well and could be different or even random for each costume.

Some ideas could be:
Win a number of map stages with hero on team (no loot tickets)
Kill a number of heroes in raids
Kill a number of enemies in map stages
Heal a number of HP (for healer heroes obviously)
Buff a number of allies
Summon a number of minions
etc etc etc

I feel ya… But where does the added money come in? Give sg a monetary reason to give up the upgrade…

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I personally don’t think something like this should be monetized as it’s a way to keep your already paying customers happy so they spend more, but there are ways to make money off it. A simple way would be to charge gems to unlock the task, but I don’t like that idea at all.

I look at it this way. I used to be a monthly spender of around $50-100 (more or less depending on the month), but I haven’t spent in the last 6 months because SG feels the need to make each and every feature a money grab. If they started doing things like this to keep customers happy that aren’t money grabs, I’d probably start spending again.

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