Hello, i’m Brazilian and player of fighting games for more than 20 years and I gave very well the meaning of the word “SKILLS”, I participate in tournaments in Brazil, South America and even in the United States, SOCAL, NORCAL, CEO and even at EVO. And I have never been a fan of mobile games, so much so that I don’t have another game installed on my phone other than this one. Here in Brazil the sponsored teams like I have my own team, we lost the sponsors for not having visibility in tournaments due to COVID-19 and then I saw an advertisement for the game calling to test our SKILLS in the middle of some video that you are watching and I decided to install and play. I worked so hard on the game that I have a YouTube channel only for beginners and mediums who want to play at a high level someday but there is no way to invest money in the game due to the lack of it. But I noticed that as of the last quarter of last year, the stones are more difficult to come, and when that happens it is no longer SKILL, it is luck.
I just want to inform the developers that if this continues to happen (the game continues depending on luck and not on skill), I will drop out. I will uninstall and do nothing else for the game.
I have friends who are game developers and who can do something better and that depends only on the SKILLS to play and I am sure that many will leave the game and come to what I can help to develop.
Not to mention that the rate of appearance of heroes 5 * are ridiculous and the tavern of legends, the Brazilian channels recommend not even calling, because in all events there are heroes of 3 * and 4 * if they do not take the 5 * and the tavern of the legend we only get 3 * and 4 * heroes from the training center, this is ridiculous !!!
So here is my indignation. I have a lot of ideas that would serve to improve the game, because you have good developers but you are not the least bit players and you don’t even know what they produce.
I await the return of the company.

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I can’t figure out right now if I change this thread category to general discussions or not since it currently is an Ideas and feature request but doesn’t have a real solid idea or feature request. :thinking::thinking::thinking:

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Can you please summarise your request in 20 words or less?

As far as I can see the request seems to be for developers to rewrite the game as something he would enjoy with no RNG involved or he’s leaving to develop it himself.

I look forward to seeing the ads for that game in Mystic Vision.

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Duplicate thread. Please use the :mag: function to find a pre-existing thread on any of your indignation points.

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