Indignation with the invocations!


invested more than 800.00 reais in the game (and did not come if you want 1 hero 5 stars) I know that the game has to be lucky, however, so it is already over "besides I came a mount 3 stars came a lot repeated … on the troops the same disappointment, the strongest troops were troops 3 stars.these are things that discourages us to invest more money in the game (because in my point of view this is very wrong) in all games that the person does a investment it has a certain advantage "but in this game, the expectations are not being matched NOR THE HALF !! Disappointing and Frustrating. If there is a solution, I would be grateful.


I understand your frustration. The way gems appear to work in this game is that you have a chance (like the lottery) whenever you spend gems on heroes. There is a big chance you will get 3*, and a small chance that you will get 4-5*.

Some people are very lucky and get a 5* on their first try (I was not lucky).

While it is true that those who spend money in this game get more chances, they are not guaranteed anything. The game is not yet “Pay To Win”. Not to the point where spenders can get top prizes every time. Not yet.

I advise you to study the cards of the 3* that you did get and begin raising those cards. There is an event coming in about a month, and 3* heroes and 2* troops are the top for the first Tier.