Indicate the number of waves in season levels

When we are farming, it is always useful to know how much monsters there will have in lauching a level. So my proposition is to indicate in the fist screen of the level (like the screenshot below) how much waves of monster there will be to ease the choice of level.

SG should disclose more information, but sometimes we have to rely on our helpful friends.


I was just preparing the same topic, when this popped up.

Would be nice to have an indicator of the number of levels and/or the ‘average’ number of monsters per map stage. This would make farming more efficient. This would really be a QoL improvement.

Oh, and yes, I know about the Data Vault, but checking this is more difficult then just seeing it on the stage. Or even just mention it on the map, with a small number?

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I’ve been meaning to put that idea in here for awhile… It would help a ton, and it should be a very simple add.