Indicate gems for which heroes are missing

I tend to forget when I don’t have heroes of all five elements, so I sometimes launch attacks which are useless, even several times in the same battle :man_facepalming:t2: If that isn’t intentional, how about marking the gems for which I don’t have a hero? Like dithering them a bit or making them smaller. That would be really helpful for those of us without focus… :grin:

Don’t know how often you need that or how often you change your team.
If you use most of the time the same team you can use the colorblind mode under options and reduce the brightness for those colors you don’t have with you
That would look like that:

The stones I don’t have with me are dark.
Would probably be useful if there was an option in the colorblind mode to set the stones of the missing color automatically dark.


Thanks for the reply, it’s a nice idea! But I mostly encounter this issue either in special events which have restrictions - e.g. tournaments often don’t allow all elements - or when preparing to attack a Titan, which I’ve found works better for when I use three heroes of the element strong against the Titan. This of course changes every time…

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