Indicate Active War, Titan, and Event with Flags on Stronghold

I was thinking it might be cool to add some little visual indicator on the Stronghold to indicate what events are active. Maybe a small orange flag can appear when Alliance Wars are active, purple flag can appear when a Titan fight is active, etc. it would give the stronghold a further purpose and make keeping track of activities easier.

I was thinking on that little ledge above the door.

on several occasions. On several occasions one or two alliance members confessed they had forgotten the war was going on and regrettably we lost both by under 20 pts. Twas sad. Not that I cried or anything.

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There already are visual indicators. Maybe they need to be more clear though.

For wars: Your alliance icon on the menu has a red pop-up with a :crossed_swords: symbol. Could this be made better maybe? For me this one is good, it will only disappear once you run out of war flags.

Titan notification pops up when a new titan appears, it’s on the side and says “New Titan!” with a :dragon_face: (doesn’t look exactly like that) … although once you hit the new titan, the notification disappears until the next one. So maybe that could be improved.

Event quests also have the unique little graphic over the usual “Quests” one.

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Thanks, those are useful tips! I think it would be cool to not have to click on a different screen to have this information, it would be a lot easier to see it all on the “main page” when you open the game. Sometimes it gets to be a lot to keep track of for some in my Alliance and anything to help get that final attack to secure an alliance war victory or kill a Titan with time running out would be a welcome addition.

I am still halfway on this. Yes, there are indicators in place which seasoned players are tuned in to.

I try to consistently post remaining percentages of remaining Titan points and it seems to help as a reminder to those not paying close attention. We are knocking them out pretty well with that method. But, it would be nice if the Titan icon would stay up after our first hit as a reminder.

Quest events, if you are not paying attention to those, it doesn’t affect the team and it is your loss. Sad, but true.

And wars should be chatted on so team members are more aware of opponents strengths and weaknesses. But that aside, I am good with the notification shield/flag.

That said, I still think those flags on top of the watchtower would be an excellent addition.

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I wish each of our members would get into a routine when they first come online.

First - check the titan
Second - is there a war, check the chat regardless
Third - collect your food, do quests, etc

Unfortunatly, with a few of our players it looks more like this:

First - collect food, oh, look there is a quest
Second - who had the audacity to raid me and steal my cups, I’m going to revenge that
Third - lots of lives, I better do some auto farming
Fourth - whew, that took a lot of time, I’m exhausted. I’ll have to come back in a few hours



Seriously, that is exactly how I play. Audacity is a perfect word for that emotion.

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Why don’t you had an Icon when the Titan is “alive” to remember to attack, just at it appears with the War energy.

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