Incredibly hard to post anything on this forum - how to view your own account activity

Will be always locked and moved somewhere where nobody can see it. Even I cannot find it anymore because it’s locked WITHOUT link where it has been moved. As I said horrible administration of this forum. And if there is a link, the comment is NOT in thread.

Can you share an example where you have posted something and it was moved without being searchable?

Mods keep the forum from being overrrun with thousands of threads about the same topic. Without their efforts, I would expect many new threads about the same current topic (Telluria is OP / Telluria is weak / Ninjas suck / Summons are rigged / etc). I appreciate being able to find new and original threads without needing to scroll past many redundant topics.


I wrote down, that I’m going to cancel retrain heroes. Because it’s running moths and I got only Marianna so it’s totally useless for players who had already all basic heroes. To get hero from S2 is sooo low that is not worth resources and 7days wating.

If you need to post something related to the HA then you should use the existing threads instead of creating new topics, like this one:


I can see all of your posts and threads:

You can too!
Tap your profile and navigate to activity and topics.


Click your avatar - flag from summary to activity - topics or posts



I got you by a split second! :yum:


If the dupe threads aren’t cleaned up from all those who refuse to search then the forum will truly become unusable…


Hi @Krtko

Lots of other helpful people have shown you how you can find all your posts above :point_up_2:

Your post was moved because it’s covered by an existing thread.

If a post is merged, the existing thread is then automatically bumped to the top so everyone can read your fine work.

It’s always best to search before posting; everyone gets posts merged, even me, so it’s nothing personal.

Incidentally, Marjana is the only hero I really want from HA, apart from something rare, so I feel your pain.


Thank you. This forum has layout I never seen anywhere else.


The forum is run by Discourse. I don’t pretend to understand how it works but I’ve Googled it for you, in case you’d like to know about it. It describes the “trust” levels for posting and editing threads, etc.


Thanks :slight_smile:


Nice custom title!! :grinning:

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