Incredible conditions in the war of alliances

War of alliances is a very interesting decision in the game, but after the last updates there is no desire to play!
In our alliance, only 21 people, of which only 6 players have teams with a force of 3000+. Recently, we have alliances with almost a full complement of 27-30 people, of which 10-12 people have teams with a force of 3000+, so also the number of points for each killed enemy with the same force is significantly different! For example, for my team with a force of 2900+ the enemy can get 108 (!!!) points, and I’m for the opposing team with the same strength - only … 72 points !!! And to get 108 points, I must kill the opponent with the strength of the team 4000 + !!! It turns out that the more a person is in an alliance, the higher the chances for him to win, and the small alliances like ours are doomed from the very beginning of the war! And of course after such a war absolutely there is no desire!
Correct, please, that alliances for the war were selected not only for the trophies that were extracted, but also for the number of players in each alliance, so that it would be equal !!!


Currently the matches are made solely with titan score. That can fail sometimes too, but check if your alliance has been using mercs, or flasks to finish titans

It does not matter to me what trophies are used to select opponents! It is important for me to have the same conditions for both alliances in the war! If for my team 2900+ the opponent can get 108 points, then I want to get exactly the same points with the same level for his team, but not 72 !!!

Each alliance is worth 2000 points. The reason you’re team is worth more is because your alliance has more members with weaker teams on it. As your weaker members grow their heroes you will see your teams point value balance out more like the alliance you are facing.

In alliance wars its not about individual members… It is a team effort, which is why the alliances are each worth 2000 points. Good luck in your war.

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That’s not it.

@Linuxoid’s team is worth more points because Linuxoid’s alliance has fewer members.
2000 / 21 = 95 points - the average worth of teams in Linuxoid’s alliance
2000 / 30 = 67 points - the average worth of teams in an alliance with 30 members.

The rules are unfavorable to alliances with fewer members.


Good catch, I missed the member count portion and thought it was just a team power complaint.

THe other option is to move to another alliance that has full participation. Yeah, the loot of a winning team isn’t that great, but it isn’t really hard or taxing in my opinion. It takes maybe 15 minutes in total. Even if you don’t have 30 heros, put up some 1’s or 2’s from Farming. I have 2 accounts and both make the alliance wars fun, even for those who don’t have super powerd teams.

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You said your alliance only has 21 people.

That 2000 points gets divided (unequally) between your people. To do better in war, you have several options:

  • Get more (high-power) people

  • Get more (regular power) people

  • Get more (any power) people

  • Opt out of war for now, by removing ALL of your defense teams before war starts

Getting more people will distribute those points, and getting better high-power folks might help you do better in war, but honestly anyone is better than what you have now.

Until then, if war isn’t fun, you can step out of war entirely.

One thought though: even losing in war, you get free stuff, so why not participate, even if you ignore it? Just a thought.


And why would programmers not add an additional condition in the selection of alliances for war - for the same number of members? It’s work for 10 minutes! I’m not asking for something impossible!
It is difficult to call new members to the alliance, there are many alliances.
Bump the team - this takes time. War - a great motivation to pump troops as quickly as possible. But now my heroes are pumped to a certain level and require rebirth, but I do not have the necessary items for this, for example, a compass. And if we completely abandon the war, then the heroes will be pumped more slowly.

Its not a question of “doing 10 minutes of work” its a question of finding that 2nd condition to add.

And the fact that the second condition cannot come with side effects. Figuring that out is what is hard. There’s a huuuge post somewhere on this forum debating and discussing what other metrics can be used.

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I once wrote about the unjust selection of alliances for war. The developers heard me, and everything was fine for several months: we fought with varying success, once won, once lost, but everything was fine.
But that was until update 15.0! After updating 15.0, everything came back: we are selected by alliances much stronger than us in all parameters: in the number of cups, in points for the titans, in the strength of teams !!! And this is repeated 8 times in a row !!!
For example, in our alliance, 6 members have teams with a strength of 2,600–1,900, but alliances with the weakest member have a team with a strength of 3,100!
We are not against fighting with stronger alliances, but the question is: why does a rival for the destruction of my team with a force of 3,500 receive 60 points, and I am for the destruction of an opponent’s team with a force of 3,700 - only 53 ??? Where’s the justice???
If you pick us stronger alliances, then at least give us more points for them! Or select then equivalent alliances!

Я когда-то писал о несправедливом подборе альянсов для войны. Разработчики меня услышали, и было всё прекрасно в течение нескольких месяцев: мы воевали с переменным успехом, когда-то побеждали, когда-то проигрывали, но всё было хорошо.
Но это было вплоть до обновления 15.0! После обновления 15.0 всё вернулось обратно: нам подбирают альянсы гораздо сильнее нас по всем параметрам: по количеству кубков, по очкам за титанов, по силе команд!!! И это повторяется 8 раз подряд!!!
Например, в нашем альянсе 6 членов имеют команды силой 2600-2900, нам же подбирают альянсы, у которых самый слабый член имеет команду силой 3100!
Мы не против сражаться с более сильными альянсами, но вопрос: почему соперник за уничтожение моей команды с силой 3500 получает 60 очков, а я за уничтожение команды соперника с силой 3700 - всего 53??? Где справедливость???
Если вы нам подбираете более сильные альянсы, тогда хотя бы давайте и очков больше за них! Или подбирайте тогда равноценные альянсы!

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