Increasing the odds for 4* materials on weekly tournaments

If we take into the account how small odds are for getting 4* lvl ascension item when in 1% in the tournament (2%), and on top of that, that the tournament is one weekly, and lets assume some average obtain rate would be once in fifty tournaments… that makes around 350 days or ONE YEAR of constantly being in the top 1% in the tournament which just doesn’t make any sense.

So if you are playing for 2 years and you are always in the top 1%, you may have got 2 4* items until now.

Please, reconsider of putting higher number on this, not because everybody would want that, players always want something that would improve their performance, but because this math doesn’t make any sense at all.

Best to all.

I Also thought about that but:

Increasing 4 star odds would greatly only affect top players as they have the roster to play top1% while others would have problems getting that far continously.

And this would lead to a point, top players would not even be better than most others, they would also max out more 5stars and become even stronger.

It is a very thin line to find a balance for all players…

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Worth noting that this is not a new “request” or complaint. This has been pretty well a long run discussion since the loot change was made.

There is an entire thread dedicated to it in fact:

Staff responses here

My own personal thoughts on it:

So, in summary. While there isn’t a pre-existing thread requesting an increase in the tournament loot, developer/ staff responses (or lack of) have indicated that any such changes are unlikely…

There is this one about 3* loot actually: Tournament 3* ascension material loot should always be unfarmable

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You have 4* and 3* tournements, nothing prevents any player to have good 3* and 4* cards and go for it. It would not be benefitial only for 5* top players…

Thanks Guvnor for pointing out. This thread can be closed then.

I think (personally) it has merit & can stay open as a unique request thread.

I just also wouldn’t necessarily hold out hopes anytime soon lol

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You are right, I had a glance into that thread, since I am new player I didn’t know about issues back then when tournaments started. But it is at least one year ago problem, and the loots are not returned to original values.

Да никогда ничего не будет пересмотрено в сторону увеличения (кроме доната)…Смирись. lol

Is it just me or are the tournaments fundamentally broken? I have two accounts. One in which I have been playing for 1.5 years on a daily basis with numerous leveled up hero’s and troops. The other is newer and is comprised of 3 stars and one 1/2 leveled 4 star. Yet, week over week my newer account progresses further in the tournament with higher overall scores even in the 5 star tournaments. The points for wins just don’t make sense.

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