Increasing Special Skill lvl

With the addition of emblems being at 8/8 became more important than ever. Easy to do with 4/5 stars but 3 stars not so much. I have failed far more than succeeded on maxing 3 stars. Even using color stacking 10 2 stars for 40 percent chance, going above max XP needed at ascension lvls, using duplicates when able.

Any chance SG could intro a feature to add SS lvls after you have maxed the hero?

But you can easily level up the special, after the hero is maxed. Just feed him 5 heroes 2* and the chance is 100%


Wow, I’ve been playing awhile now lvl 45 and never discovered that game mechanism tyvm

I said 5, lol… My bad. 10 heroes of 2* after the 3* hero is maxed, will give you a chance 100%

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

@Scarecrow, I believe you were correct the 1st time. It’s 10-1* of the same element or 5-2* of the same element to reach 100%. If you happen to have 4 dupes they are also 100*.

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I honestly don’t remember. I think you’re right.

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I need help! I can’t lift my 3 *** heroes. Why? Go into 10 heroes with 100% special ability … and don’t rise. 3x already !!!

If indeed you fed a 3* hero after is maxed, the increasing chance showing 100% and the special skill doesn’t increase, you should go to support and open a ticket. But check this again first.

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Thanks! Aid? Sorry, i do not understand…

What exactly you don’t understand? How works the increasing or how to contact the support?

Switch to support. I’ve already raised 6 of my heroes. No problem.

Sorry google translator.

Just click in the game on menu, right corner. Then click options, middle tab support and again support on the page.

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Thanks! Have a nice day!

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