Increasing my Hero Pull Rate

The #1 reason I’ve stopped doing lots of pulls for heroes is because of the insane limit SG has put on ascension mats. There’s no fun in pulling new heroes and not get to play with them. I’m not a collector, so if I get a new toy I don’t want to just look at it in the box, I want to take it out and play with it.

Increasing ascension mat availability might also (partially) solve SG’s Telly problem. If we have more levelled heroes to choose from, we may have other options besides Telly.

So, SG, if you want me to pull more heroes, thereby getting more of my hard earned $, give me a reasonable chance to level them in the near future…like…within a couple months rather than a couple years.

Or at least give us an option to strip mats from one hero and put them on another. At least then we could put the old toy on the shelf and try out the shiny new one.



Unfarmable rare and epic ascension materials have always been the bottleneck of most players. Otherwise, new players with unlimited moolah will just bltiz in the game and be at par with veteran and experienced players. This has always been the issue and I see no changes to that to be made by SG. Well, truth be told, the game has gone so much that there are a lot of new sources on top of the classic means of getting one (titan battle rewards, monster chests, raid chests, titan chests, challenge and seasonal events, mystic vision, elemental chests, in game Shop, gem offers) more than 2 years ago. Now, we have POV, raid tourney rewards, war chests, Wonderland (the most recent challenge event added), bonus ascension chests when summoning in the S2, S3 and Masquerade portals, etc.

The OP could have made his rant in the Ridiculous Complaints thread or here: Ascension materials - An appeal to quit being so stingy with them MASTER. Using the search option in the forum helps.

I like this idea. Thank you for bringing it to attention. You have my vote. I have 60 at the 3/70 level. Would love to use them. Agsin thank you.

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