Increasing Healer capabilities are ruining this game

SG dev have progressed healers beyond the capability of all other heroes and unfairly so. Once you could enjoy a well matched raid with your 5 heroes versus similar strength 5 other heroes. Sometimes the other team would heal a depleted character and the battle would last a little longer. Now: We have healers who after two tile strikes have full mana to heal the WHOLE team…divine protection. The frustration of whittling a hero down now means good tiles and strategic puzzle play is all but wasted when the entire enemy team is renewed to 100%. If that is more bad enough now we have heroes who can resurrect multiple dead heroes with nearly full strength AND there health goes to 100%. So not only do you have to defeat additional heroes you need to hit Mother Claus to stop her doing it again. So now we have 5 heroes who battle over and over versus not just 5 others but sometimes a new team 3 times over or unfairly so…upto 15 other heroes. You might say get you own Mother Claus but no one gets to pick their heroes so it seems but luck for those who don’t get access to these Super heroes. SG Dev; I’m pretty sure you won’t take this feedback on board and alter the impact of healers but I know players who are getting over frustrated with the increasing power of healers…they ARE going to go to Mythwars & B&P if something is not done to bring back the balance

MN and Ariel(?) I assume? Both, IMO, are not overpowered at all. MN resurrects at a high rate, but she doesn’t bring much health to them. They are easily killed again. Ariel, while annoying if you let her drop her mana charge boost is arguably the best healer in the game but still not overpowered as her health is relatively low. If any healer is OP it’s Kunchen.

Disclosure: I own both MN and Ariel.

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Most healers are at the 40% range with some less like Delilah but she has minions, kiril and bt also buff def and att. They are all avg or slow except grazul who heals much less.
In your whole post you don’t list ANY specific examples. And btw the myth clone is just that, a clone and the heroes have the EXACT same skills so how is that better?
Healers are op, I have heard it all now…:rofl:


I am happy when I attack teams that include a healer. That team lets me breathe, it gives me a much needed break from the aggressive defenses that will kill you if you can’t kill them in 6 turns. I agree resurrection is annoying as I wish they wouldn’t have made one of those annoying characters a Christmas hero that I now have to play against everyday… seriously who ever came up with the idea “let’s give the players Christmas all year round” should be fired. Such an annoying thing in the game. But no I don’t think healers are overpowered. Ursena is overpowered. Finley is overpowered. Not that worried about Ariel.

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Only wasted if you don’t change your strategy…

Somebody got coal in their stocking. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:


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