Increasing chances of elemental troop drop in elemental stage?

We know elemental stages are places where we fight elemental elite monsters, which they are all in same element. But that’s the only special thing about those elemental stage.

Why not SGG consider to increase the elemental troop drop as loot in these stages? And the troop will bare the same element based on the elemental stage. For example you get 1* and 2* fire troops in fire elemental stages.

Because I had trouble farming certain elemental troop to feed my main troop. Plus, the element for troop drop is too random, and we can only feed troops from the same color only, unlike the heroes where we can feed them feeders from different color.

Please consider this idea. Thank you.

This would certainly make farming for troops much easier. I think the SGG will soon give us a better way to obtain troops.

I actually think this is a great idea

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