Increased votes! ❤

Thanks to @Petri who increased our available votes. Votes vary by trust level:

  • new member: vote limit: 2
  • basic user: vote limit: 10
  • member: vote limit: 20
  • regular: vote limit: 30
  • leader: vote limit 40

Trust levels are described here:

Threads in this category are automatically closed after one month following the last comment, returning your votes.

Great news!!! :clap: :clap: :clap:



I thought I’d noticed I had some extra votes available. Cool.


More votes!

Kill the deadwood!



Excellent!!! More votes! :+1::grin::clap::champagne::smile_cat:

Thank you @Petri!


Thank you @Petri, and @Kerridoc.
No more agonizing over not having any more votes.

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Thank you :slight_smile:

I have a question, to higher votes ideas ever get implemented?
I would like it if they werent to get re addressed. For example the top 3 voted on subjects in a certain period of time had the chance for a re vote between only those subjects making it possible for the change to happen.
Or is voting basically a way for EP to gauge the interests of the players and to make the changes accordingly? Just curious about what our votes count towards. Thank you again!

I’m just a player/moderator, with only slightly more insight tomthe creative process at SGG than any other player. My guess, based on the fact that Petri bothered to increase the cotes at all, is that they consider votes in some fashion.

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Thanks for the reply, that answered my question. I wasnt sure if I had missed something between the votes to in game changes.

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Is this still accurate? Especially the last sentence.

I thought I was a regular but only have 20 votes so I guess I lost that, but 13 of my 20 are on threads that haven’t had a comment in over month yet remain open, with those votes still tied up - some haven’t had a comment in 6 months or more. I’ve had two votes returned for closed threads, only one was after 30 days without a comment (the other closed by a moderator).

What is the current state of the voting system?
Is the auto-close function still in use to return old votes?

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Bumping this in case someone might know if we’re going to get votes returned or not. Examples are easy to find, but here’s a few from my own list of old votes, none of these have had a comment in 6 months or more yet remain open with the votes locked up - one was even merged with another topic but is still open.

@moderators - are you able to tell if auto-closing is working as intended or if there’s a new method at play? (apologies is this isn’t worthy of tagging you :wink:)

Can @moderators please tell us if we will get old votes back?

The uniform silence on this is worrisome.

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