Increased damage in raids

After an extended amount of hits in a raid, there is increased damage. I think this might still be happening, but the increased damage amount is no longer shown (eg 150%). Small point, but the indicator is useful, as you know when to hit a remaining strong hero.:

Are you talking about tile combos? They definitely have increasing damage with each successive combo.

I’m wondering if the OP is referring to when, after a certain amount of time/hits…the raid goes into an increased damage mode, with each successive hit doing a higher percentage of damage…it would show at the top of the battle screen. I am assuming to prevent a never-ending raid battle?

I haven’t been in a long battle since the update but will watch to see if I notice it.

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Thanks for the info.

I am experiencing the same thing. Damage multiplier after 30 hit no longer shows and instead I get a 5 min timer instead.

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