Increased chance vs x3 chance (drop rates)


What gives? I noticed that in August, we had a “x3” at the Featured and Season 2 heroes. Now when you look at the description it only states “increased chance” and if you look at the drop rates, you’ll see that there is no way in hell, that we have a x3 at any of the 4* or 5* heroes. It also appears that quite a bit of the description was changed as well… hmmm… sneaky



Looks pretty awful to me too but I’m f2p so I don’t really care, I’m unaffected. As a matter of fact the lower the results from the portal the less OP heroes I face in raids and wars.

Dear SGG please nerf the summons portals 1.3 and 1.2 percent chance at 5 star heroes is way too high. Please keep these out of the hands of children. For the sake of humanity we are begging you to please charge even more for even less. We want to spend our mortgage loans on this game only.


Bless your observant soul, child.

I have no clue if this was ever mentioned in a release note somewhere or not.

We sorta harassed them into including the drop rates (seemingly :stuck_out_tongue: ) so that makes ya wonder if the original 3.0x thing was a buncha bull crap.

Lemme call in some friends for a second opinion !

Whatcha think,
@JonahTheBard and @Brobb

You’re my only friends :crying_cat_face:


Look @duaneski, just because Lila-Ann and I let you join our group that one time…

My opinion would be that we’ll never know because those aren’t easily comparable, so let’s not worry about it.

They have said that they have reduced the chance of season 1 3* compared to last time, which is very welcome.

I would suggest that we can use September as a base line as there are actual figures for it.

I think, overall, that the Devs have been quite responsive to recent requests, albeit while protecting their business model, so I see no benefit in waxing wrath over a new conspiracy


The calculation I made a month ago based on the first few Atlantis summon results posted on this forum, showed us that the 3.0x was more likely leaning towards ‘‘a buncha bull crap’’.

I guess we can not safely assume this based on 367 summons, but it gives an idea at least. I always give everyone and SGG in particular the benefit of the doubt, but based on this I did wonder wether or not to hold on to that attitude. I did for myself simply because of…

Exactly this. :+1:


Missing out on the inherent fun involved in a good old fashioned conspiracy makes me sad. But you’re probably correct :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you for your reasonableness :slight_smile: