"Increased chance for Legendary Hero"


No, that is not the case at all. It is ADDITIONAL not INCREASED. Increased chance would be 2.5% chance at Legendary Hero (75%) event. It’s an additional chance. Two separate rolls. Take it from a long time MMORPG player, this is how the devs screw you on odds, when you break up the rolls.


If by “1-3” you mean rolling 1, 2 or 3, then this statement:

shows an astounding misunderstanding of how probabilities work.

P(1,2 or 3) in 1 roll = 3% (obviously)
P(1) in 3 rolls = 1 - 0.99^3 = 3% (to 1sf - actual result is 2.97%, but you get the bonus chance of rolling 1 either 2 or 3 times)

This is very, very basic stuff.


No you have a 1% chance at Legendary and a 1.5% chance at an event legendary. You guys definitely helped me understand why casinos and lottery tickets are popular though.


If you believe that the probability of rolling one on a dice out of a possible one hundred in three rolls is the same as rolling one two or three on the same dice in a single roll then I have some ocean front real estate for sell in Arizona.


No you’re not. But either way, the analogy is wrong. It’s one roll, not 3 rolls. (1-3) vs (1 or 2 or 3) which is obviously the same thing.

  1. You know it doesn’t say this, right? So how do you reach this conclusion? (“I’m making it up.”) Oh. Okay.
  2. You understand that even if it did refer to an additional roll, that would still increase your chance of drawing a legendary hero? No, of course you don’t, because you have already demonstrated (on a 100 sided die) that you don’t understand how probabilities work.


So Guinevere isn’t a legendary hero?


As it shows in the app, the appearance rates are as follows:
Rare hero: 71%
Epic hero: 20.8%
Legendary hero: 1.5%
Epic event hero: 5.7%
Legendary event hero: 1%

All of these percentages together add up to 100%, meaning that they are all a part of the same roll. Then, in a different roll, you have the Hero of the month, which has 1.3% of being rolled.

I understand you may be led to believe that they are separate rolls, but you can clearly see from the fact that they sum to 100%, that all probabilities written above are from the same roll, or else, as someone pointed out, you would have a chance of getting nothing at all.


Any 17 year old should be able to do this maths. Your contention is that you are three times as likely to roll 1-3 in one roll as to roll 1 in 3 rolls. Show me.


You literally just said it was an additional chance, now it is Increased? Pick one.


I’m happy to use either, but you will need to use it intelligently. You can’t assume that an additional chance refers to an additional roll, because it simply doesn’t say that. And as the insightful @Raysus points out (I am silly for not pointing it out myself), the probabilities we are concerned with sum to 100%. This is all blindingly obvious.


That is not the case, each roll is independent, you have a 1 or a maximum 1.5 in each roll, it does not accumulate.


Thank you. This is what I’ve been saying this whole thread before Brob hijacked it with their spew.


I’m trying my best to help you out. You have misunderstood what is some very obvious text, you have a miserable understanding of how basic probabilities work, and you seem like you are in serious need of a warm hug.

If you can’t handle people pointing out where you have gone wrong that’s fine, but then you probably should not post your half-baked thoughts in the forum. This place is for the sharing and discussion of ideas: you’re not up to that right now. Take a break, get some sleep, feel better.


1% chance for an event 5* heroes, 2600 x 10 = 26K gems, holy molly, U$100 x 2.6 wow 260 bucks, so in the casino for a single number payout is 35:1, or odds of 2.63 % in the US. Indeed E & P is worse than casino, I would to thank all those people who have put money into the game. When I see those players with Guinevere tank in a raid , I wish to leave a special thank you note, more money than sense. Crazy odds, but people still throwing their hard earn money hoping to get a Guin, Arthur, Tarlak, Misandra etcs.


The situation is obvious, for many turns to be given, if I shoot 10 times, each roll, independent of the other, has a maximum of 1.5 and the added possibility of catching a hotm of 1.3. That’s the same in one or the other, the only difference is that elemental is 1.5 of a color and event of a special. Sometimes it is so much the eagerness to defend the company, perhaps because without investing a penny you have better heroes than those who pay you the game, that you wear a blindfold. I have understood it immediately.


A separate one and one and a half percent chance do not equal 2.5 they are independent of one another even though they are included in the entire pool. The terms additional and increased are not interchangeable. I suggest breaking out a dictionary. You keep saying I don’t understand math, well you are failing to understand English.


The text under consideration does not say this. Here is what it says:


Rare Here: 71.0%
Epic Here: 20.8%
Legendary Hero: 1.5%"

We’re not finished, but let’s stop here. If that’s the end of the probabilities for the roll, then we have an issue: they only add to 93. 3%. Where are the other 6.7%, I wonder? Oh, they’re here:

“Epic Event Hero: 5.7%
Legendary Event Hero: 1.0%”

For a total of 100%

If you can read these numbers and still claim not to understand that there is a 2.5% chance of drawing a legendary hero then either:

  1. You are lying, or
  2. You are suffering temporary or permanent comprehension difficulties in maths or English, or
  3. You are 10 years old.


The one and one and a half chances are completely separate. I’m not arguing with you anymore. Stay simple my friend.


Explain why the probabilities add to 100%.

Edit: you can’t, so you won’t. QED.