"Increased chance for Legendary Hero"

@Brobb the wording was always the issue. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

No sweat. Go in peace.

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clearly joking

Clash of Clans and Clash Royale weren’t their only games?

You are being lovely. Here’s a question because I’m late to the game here and can’t indulge in 321 separate posts right now.

How in the bloody boldtusk’s panties did this thread reach 321 posts?!

I’m totally rethinking SG posting the odds.

Take them away. We don’t deserve them :laughing:

heh heh.



Hey. Let’s organize a Petri day! Community has to like, make Petri content. Art work, stories, poems, songs, videos. And then for one day say nice things to him. Any if anyone tags him for a not nice thing then @Rook bans them for all time :stuck_out_tongue:

(The next day we start a few dozen threads asking him about the drop rates and boards being random. But ya know. That one day will be magical!!)


:joy: Love it! start the thread!

Edit: @Duaneski don’t forget to move @Brobb 's hilarious water cooler scenario over there too!

Done! Petri Day Planning

I’ve got a plan for what I will contribute… :stuck_out_tongue:

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But would’nt the odds that that tenth flip is heads be speculative whilst the odds of it being one or the other is concrete.

That’s correct, the odds never change. In the 1980s some guy hit the lottery like 13 times and bought an island, that doesn’t change the odds he’s just one super lucky guy.

I don’t have a degree but I know quite a bit about sh*tty luck.

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I resumed playing Clash Royale again about 2 months ago after having stopped for almost 2 years. I play that when the RNG here kills me inside. I pop back into E & P when the mismatches there make me quit in the first 10 seconds of a match. :joy:

E & P can learn much from that game.

As for the thread and topic, I assume this thread would hold some kind of record for the number of replies in such amount of time. So much energy spent over an issue in “wording” it seems. It was entertaining at the start though.

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Lol entertaining thread. All i want to say about this is that I’ve been right a loooong time about something I’ve been told i was wrong about for a loooong time(even by many that have commented in this thread). Elemental summons have a better chance at pulling 5* then epic summons. Thank you SG for finally laying that debate to rest. As far as the OP, think enough has been said on that lol.


That guy?

Well, in-game terminology is clear here. To “train” is to create new hero, and level up is, well, level up. The only mixup in terminology is “Trainer Hero”, which is used to level up other heroes. That’s a minor inconsistency, and can be somehow solved, I believe. So, I still support Legendary|Epic|Rare Trainable Hero and will create a new suggestion based on it.

Link to the feature request:

I can’t post to the threads anymore, because there is a limit for newbies, so I can answer here:

Trainable is one possible source of heroes, because they come from Training Camps. I agree, terminology is quite weird here, but that comes from the game itself. You don’t “feed” heroes to other heroes, they just “retire” after giving a lesson. If you have a hero, you don’t “train” them, you “level them up” or “ascend”.

I’m not sure this is OT or not (but as suddenly wording is the ‘issue’ (because it isn’t, but sure, it is becuase now it obviously is)), but if you’re putting it up as a suggestion, work on the wording. Legendary, Epic, Rare - fine. Event, Atlantis - fine. Trainable? Trainable is not the source of the heroes (as Event or Atlantis), but indicates a quality (not sure of the proper english word here: ~trait), i.e. a hero possible to train…? :neutral_face:

(Edit: Some more on the point suggestions, to get you working: ‘Basic’ or maybe ‘Season 1’. This will also be usable when refering to different ‘seasons’ of HotM, like ‘Season 1 HotM’. If you want to make that kind of distiction. Which is obviously needed, otherwise people will feel cheated getting a new HotM when they were expecting an old HotM, because of reasons (void any ordinary pull descriptions, as they’re obviously too enigmatic).)

@Brobb this is priceless! You win the forum today with this one! :clap:

Choked on my wine while laughing out loud…btw out of curiosity, where is Sara in this water cooler conversation?

I really needed the reward for reading this far on this thread.

Two wrongs don’t make a right. If in-game terminology is lacking, don’t use it trying to make things more clear. The word just can mean too many things, and you’re even aware of this yourself. This definition could also be problematic if there’s ever a change to which heroes are able to be ‘trained’ in Training Camps.

Edit: I hope you get extended posting rights soon! ;D

And maybe this discussion is better continued in the suggestion thread you made, and linked to in your post above. @Rook - keep an eye on this. :wink:

I must thank @Duaneski for bringing my attention to this post with his Petri Day thread. It’s been 8 hours since I first read it and I’m still cracking up. At least one great thing came out of this thread lol

Lots of great replies here - thank you for your witty and humorous responses (perhaps a better place for those would be in the Community Content section, though) :wink: .

Regarding the topic itself, it seems we have gone off-topic for quite a while here so I’ll be closing this thread. The appearance rates (aka odds) are indeed displayed in the game now since version 15.


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