Increase XP given when feeding a leveled troop to another troop

I just received my third 4* troop so I took my 3* lvl 4 troop and feed it to the new 4*. I received 286 points for it. That’s ridiculous.
You should at least receive 75% of what is there. It is both expensive and time consuming to upgrade bothe troops and heroes. To loose 90% is ridiculous.

I absolutely and 100% agree!! It costs so much time and resources to level them…(I mean, our troops are our gem power right?!)… why shouldn’t feeding a leveled troop give us a bigger boost to the new levelee? It totally discredits all the grinding we did to get them there in the first place…and our hits would improve right?! I’m not saying it has to be drastic, but maybe a leveled troop could give you 30-50% level points or something? So you have a 4* troop halfway to the next level… depending on your “leveled feeder” troop, maybe he gets to the next level or halfway there. I mean, it takes so much to level them anyway, I feel one good boost out of a troop you have put so much into is not to much to ask!:smile:

I suggested this a few months ago and got that it would be unbeneficial to the game by every reg here.

You have to keep in mind when requesting something here is that these regs that started from the beginning who have reached the top will always downgrade and denote any idea that doesn’t benefit them.

I have learnt this in this forum in my time here.


I think that this 2019’s opinion would be greatly appreciated by all the players, so I’ll bump this topic :slight_smile:

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