Increase trophies bug (after update to v23)

I have increase trophies bug. I have ~1806 (platinum) and after win revenge (+34 trophies) my area change from platinum to gold and I have 1796 trophies. No other attack to me not happens.

Screenshoot in attach.

Incedent happen on 8:51 (UTC+3:00) 5.09.2019
Platform: android 8
Game version 23.0.0 build 1111

I’ve just noticed the same bug in my game. I got well over platinum line and while I was still playing trophies, someone attacked me and I dropped to the gold. Even when that should not have happened because I had almost 50 trophies over the line and the attacker took like 38 or so. And I dropped almost 150 trophies under.

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