Increase Tournament Lives to 5?

So, when raid tournament first rolled out, it was 4 days long and everyone had 4 lives in total. Presumably that was one life for each day.

Now that the tournament has been increased to 5 days, shouldn’t we get 5 lives?

Just a thought.

I have voted for this idea.

And once a season, add one mode of tourney that’s Death match. No extra lives for anyone. One loss and you’re out.


I love it! You should split this off into its own thread :slightly_smiling_face:

This may be a difficult sell to SG since there’s no money making opportunity in it, but this is actually a F2P-ish friendly idea. I’d love to see this.


Go for it if you like. No one listens to me. :wink: plus I have a nasty habit of going 24/25 in tourney w my loss being the first fight. It’s happened at least 6 of the tourneys.

While you’re at it, suggest ULTRA Death Mode… you’re out for any loss. Offence or defence.


Out of votes but here’s my +1.

+1 vote

Well this is another Tournament mode

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Thanks for the votes, everyone. Personally, I think it is only fair that if you increase the length of the tournament, you should also increase the number of lives because now players have to fight longer and tougher battles.

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It seems like a good idea until you think about how many more people will be fighting for the 1% loot tier.

It might be a few points difference between the 1% vs 5% tiers.

Instead of a vote, should be a poll so I can reject this.

How’d you feel if you were on the 5% tier even if you win all your raids and since you didn’t fail 4x, you can’t even buy additional flags to try and get to higher loot tier.

Or you win all your raids but end up with 5% tier because you weren’t attacked?

I mention this because it almost happened to me this past tournament.
Sure, I didn’t win every raid. I finished 23-2 but I was 15-0 by day 3 and only in the top 5% because I didn’t get as many raid points and my defense was stuck on D grade from just three attacks for four days.
Defense was 1-2.

This is without an additional 5th life.

Keep it as as. Improve your game play instead of asking for handouts. RNG will still be a factor but don’t make it so that 10% of the players are trying for 1% tier.

Fair point. I did not think about it that way. Thanks for your input!

Now the tournaments are spreading over 5 days it gets harder and harder to stay in for the whole duration. Before it was 4 days, 4 strikes, so one a day… hard, but definitely doable. But now, 4 out of 25? Come on! Except a few lucky ones, everybody strikes out. Grant us this little favor, allow us one more loss before we’re thrown out. One loss a day, is it that much? I bet a lot more players would spend those 75 gems if they were one step closer to a chance to place in the top 5%.

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The raid tournaments are the one place in the game where it’s really pay to win, at least somewhat, unless you get really lucky.

It’s up to you whether you want to want to spend 75 gems to reach the end and get a marginally better draw.

Remember that the odds of drawing a 4* ascension mat are still just 2%, even if you finish in the top 1%. So once again, the game remains miserly whether you spend or not.


This sounds like a good idea and I would love to have that , but I don’t think it’s gonna happen, if we gain additional strike leverage, it means bye bye to a lot of 75 gems…not sure there is any good justification for that, more so that we all kicked against pay per play at the inception and now the only leverage the Dev would have is the 75 gems pay to continue.


To my surprise, I found out that, for a f2p, the 75 continue gems are, if spent at the right moment, probably the best spent gems in the entire E&P, next to those invested in extra roster space.


I think that depends on your personal situation. For example, I need heroes more than I need mats and emblems so I don’t spend gems to continue in the tournament.

When it comes to the 5th strike, I think they can do it by increasing the gem fee to 99-100 gems. In this way, people who spend will be allowed to have 10 strikes for 100 gems as opposed to 8 for 75 gems. The extra gems some people pay will compensate for the players who choose not to.

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+1. I’ve often wondered why they didn’t add a strike when they increased it to 5 days. Mostly when hitting strike 4 on day 4.

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But jumping from 10% to 1% changes your odds of at least one EHT from 5% to 27%, and it also guarantees you a minimum 3* AM (I really wish they would get rid of the farmables here…).


I’m at a level where I don’t actually need 3* mats - 62nd orb, 38th compass…
About the eht, yes, it’ s valuable but it’s still just a chance for it. I have almost all Season 1 heroes so I’d rather spend my gems on a chance for a challenge event hero. The odds of getting a 4* hero like Jackal for 300 gems are higher than getting something valuable from a seasonal event (e.g. MN from EHT, for the chance of which I had paid 75 gems).

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I think the top 1% emblems, alone, are worth the 75 gems. And there is no such thing as “I don’t need emblems”. Just my opinion…Anyway, 4 x continue is about the same gem value as one lousy summon that has a 99% chance of bringing you a 3* feeder.

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@Ian487, I said “I need heroes more than I need emblems” not that I don’t need emblems.

I still don’t have Falcon so I’d rather have the chance for getting his invaluable help in events and against titans than a few nodes on the talent tree (e.g. +15 attack and +15 defence) on a hero I already have.
But that’s just my situation. Everyone is at a different stage of the game.

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