Increase tile damage for troops

Hello how are you? I don’t normally post in official channels but one thing I wanted to suggest is perhaps, with the new power creep in overall damage and buffs to heroes maybe troops can get increased tile damage as well. Nothing too crazy maybe 3-5% overall.

I am a bit in the minority here and this is not to flex but I have max troops and I attack using an all elemental team (fire, nature, holy, dark and ice) 99% of my game time unless specifically asked to stack in a war and please this is not what’s right or wrong, everything has it’s place here and whatever play style you prefer it’s all ok. I just prefer not to stack on my end. My rationale is that fully emblemed heroes also paired with max troops could become a bit harder and harder to tile against, especially with further increase past +20.

I am looking at it from a simple inflation standpoint. If you increase things then all other things should increase as well. @Petri thoughts?

Well… SGG did release ninja troops. Those are significant power upgrades on attack. Just gotta save your epic troop tokens and roll the dice.

See for example

Maybe these ninja troops will help with what you are looking for?


Not everyone has/will have ninja troops though but yes I understand point however in the grand scheme of things it would most likely make sense for general game balance to bump things that everyone has/will have a chance to have in order not to have a huge power creep.

I don’t have maxed troops. The highest I’ve got are at 25 on all elements with green troop on crit. Yet, I already find the tiles sufficient enough to do their thing.

There’s a reason why stacking is prefered by many players. If it is alright for you using rainbow team attacks, adding the attack % multiplier on the troops would already be more favorable for you, wouldn’t it? I mean, you don’t suffer bad boards because you are using heroes of all colors in raiding. If you are adept with that attack strategy, then why ask for an increase in the attack percentage of the troops?


Mainly due to new changes coming to heroes that increases their level and stats beyond +20. Thinking in terms of inflation for the lack of a better term.

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Well, I believe that if your idea is to be implemented, it will instead maintain, if not broaden, the power creep. Those prized heroes with insane skills and stats are mostly owned by whales from elite and top alliances. Guess what they also have? Yep. Maxed troops. Not one per element. Not two per element. I am sure they have more.

Kudos to you for playing using rainbow 99% of the time. I envy you being able to pull that stunt in most of your raid hits. For me, it’s too drastic a change since I am a monouser, with at least 2 monoteams per element useful during wars.


Good idea.
This should help bridge the gap between offensive teams and OP defences.

When emblems were introduced, the gap was immense. Only now after a few years the gap is slowly decreasing as full benches are gradually gaining talents.

With Limit Breakers around the corner, the gap will once again be a major issue. A little more attacking power would be beneficial - otherwise your six war teams are going to be hoping for amazing tiles as their only chance.

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You know how they’d do this, right?

New feature - limit break your troops! Now you can get L35 troops that will gain extra mana/crit/bypass, for only 50M food, 1000 backpacks, and <insert 4* material> per level!

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This…seems about right :slight_smile:

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