Increase the troops

Hello, how about we can increase the troops with Iron? Not just with food… Thnks

Damn! If I only had feeder troops for all the hams I could use with them… for me, food is never the problem, feeders always are…


If i told you i have stock of Iron probably 40 milions în HA… And food i have nothing?

vin., 7 mai 2021, 11:10 Ian via Empires & Puzzles Community Forum <> a scris:

Congrats, i am lvl 69 in 2 years :+1:

vin., 7 mai 2021, 11:17 Genghis via Empires & Puzzles Community Forum <> a scris:

… I’d recomand crafting a large number of tornados and time stops… very efficient and have large iron costs.


To answer the original question — you can’t.

But I’m with the others on needing feeders. I’ve run out of 1 star troops from leveling second and third mana troops, and am low or out of 3 and 2 star troops too.

Use iron as suggested above, as well as troop training in HA.

I would like to be able to sell extra materials for food or iron. What am I going to do with 11k Potent Leaves, 10k metal ores, 41K common herbs, 16k clean cloth…etc.? If i could sell them in bulk for iron or food that would be awesome.

If only Alchemy Lab would allow conversion of excess crafting items to food and iron while earning extra alkashards, that would be great. :grinning:

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My troops can become vegetarians living off common herbs…lol

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vin., 7 mai 2021, 17:48 gobucks782 via Empires & Puzzles Community Forum <> a scris:

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