Increase the number of Raid Energy

Timo, @SG-Leader :kissing_heart:

It would be great if we had at least 8 Raid Energy instead of only 6 to fill our Raid chest up. In addition, most people work for at least 8 hours and also sleep this long :-))

What about adding this as early as next update, @EmpiresPuzzles? :star_struck:

Keep dreaming :smiley: I love the idea but they won’t do anything about it.

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This among many other CORE gameplay mechanics require to be updated to keep the game fun.

BUT what we get are only more portals and more associated offers so we keep pulling heroes which are unplayable because the gameplay is dull, stale and based on RNG and not skills or strategy.


I will :smiley: Actually, you mustn’t be negative - only supportive if you wish something to happen :-))

The problem with this community is that people too concentrate on fighting with each other instead of supporting good ideas massively. They rather look for excuses of why they won’t work or even condemn them without thinking.

When I say ‘support massively’, that doesn’t mean 50 - 100 votes, but at least 1 000. Are you able to show support like this at all, community? Regarding complaining, there are hundreds of comments like that. Support something good instead… It’s the highest time to wake up, people :wink:

As a veteran, playing since 2017, I still like the game and believe in positive changes, but again, you need to show support…


That change would be welcome :+1: Frankly, I’m surprised the number of attempts has never changed and I play quite a long time, too :upside_down_face:

In the past, it took Mystic Vision 12 hours to appear, which was too long, but the developers improved that and now it takes only 8 hours to be available.

This is a similar situation --> 6 hours are (too) short, especially when I’m at work, so I can’t play. That means 2 - 3 attempts are lost for me every time. The same happens during my sleep, so yes, those points are valid :+1:

Good luck with the improvement :fairy:‍♀


Thank you :kissing_heart:

this is one of the gameplay improvements I would most like to see. A vote from me!


What I think would be nice is raise max raid flag count based on level. Maybe add one every 15 to 25 level increments.


Thanks for your support, players :kiss:

@Ugito, your idea looks very good :kissing_heart:

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