Increase the max. number of characters in the chat

Hi there
I would really like to make a cool loking add for our alliance, which I could send in the rekru chat from time to time. Sadly there arent enough caracters to display it. I bet this would be very easy to change I have some knowledge from things like this. Plus why spaces cant be displayed, that would also help alot. I would like to display something like this:

   ,===:'.,            `-._
        `:.`---.__         `-._
          `:.     `--.         `.
            \.        `.         `.
    (,,(,    \.         `.   ____,-`.,
 (,'     `/   \.   ,--.___`.'

… the rest couldnt be displayed, so a pic of it here:

Thx and Greetings

Don’t like this idea and won’t vote for it. Don’t need huge recruitment msgs in game chat, IMO.


yea ikr some dont like this, me neither at the beginning. but since everyone has one, its almost impossible to recruit peoples without having one…

Yes, and parse hyperlinks as well at least on internal alliance chat.

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and copy paste 20 chars

Copy-paste works. Just paste it into the editor not into the chat directly.

Sadly you’re not able to copy sent messages from the chat.

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yea thats what i meant

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