Increase of Alliance Members

Hello all,

A quick search and I found this had been brought up a couple of times some months back.

My suggestion is to increase the total alliance members to 35.

There was a discussion a week or so ago about bring back higher * Titans. I think that increasing the member size will mean higher titans can come back, they can even leave them alone, as they were when they first came in. They could even bring in up to 15*?

This should also mean, that every alliance should benefit, all alliances, with 5 more members should at the very least move up a Titan, possibly even two levels. Which means more loot rolls!

It will also make AW more fun? You might get 5 better players which gives you that win that you were looking for.

Also, from a selfish point of view, it will also mean we can get more of our friends playing with us!

I’d like this to remain a proper conversation please, so any moaning or whining about certain players or alliances will be flagged for removal.

After all, I hope this will benefit every alliance out there!

Whistler - Crystal Palace

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