Increase Obakan's Counter Attack or Make Other Buffs — Share Your Ideas & Discuss

i got her in my main team, cause no other good 5 red. her tile damage is insane, but if she’s focused by IA…pain and pain…i agree with you. uping attack with a poor survability is not very efficient

I think that after buffing a lot of 5 stars, maybe it’s time SG gives a much needed buff to the most underwhelming 5 star in the game - Obakan.

Generally speaking, his fast mana does not compensate for his awful special.

Any buff will be beneficial to that guy, as currently, he looks like a 4 star more than to any of his fellow 5 stars.

I’d love to see any kind of change, and I know we already have a purple sniper, but here is my general suggestion:

Let’s make his counter attack apply to the nearby champions and increase the damage to 300 or 310%. This will make him a very decent hero to have with some neat utility function on attack raids, and maybe even a good F2P purple tank.


If he gave counter to other heroes and hit by 300% at fast charge, he’d be ridiculous. A solid change for him would be 260% to 3 (as opposed to the minor damage to nearby) and counter raised to 125% like other counter heroes.


That is an interesting suggestion indeed, but as with mine, it will make him a bit broken, as he has 20 more attack than Quintilus with 10% damage difference, so this will make him a fast mana Quintilus with self riposte :joy:

Yeah 300 might be a lot in my suggestion, maybe 280 for it. Or make him 300 but remove nearby damage

Maybe 290 with nearby allies have half the counter attack percentage or something.

I just think that giving him riposte to nearby heroes will make him a very niche hero, that will be very useful in some situations, even if the damage stays 260% :grin:

SG can crunch the numbers better than we can in any case, but he desperately needs some bbuffs of any kind :grin:

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Oh sorry, I meant to all enemies he hits now haha, so still splash damage, not damage to all, cause yeah, that would be nuts as well. I think 3 hit for 260 and counter at fast for 125% is pretty solid.

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Yeah, that sounds better :grin:

If he got to be a fast mana quint, I won’t be mad either, as a week ago I got a second Obakan and I swore out loud hahhaha :joy:

It’s always the heroes we have that we want the buffs for the most haha. When I pulled Hatter all I could think is… if they made him fast and target one, he’d be so much more useful to me (like a super powered Caedmon), but alas, that’s never going to happen. I do however believe obakan will see a buff at some point and really think it could be what I listed above.


If he wasn’t part of the latest bunch of buffs of v20, I doubt he will ever be upgraded. And I wonder why. SG must have their reasons. But I do think he’s under-powered. Now more than ever.

I was really surprised that Obakan got overlooked in this past round of buffing. I agree that he is one that sorely needs it. I’d take any kind of buff that added Ripose on neighboring allies. If his hit had to remain weak to do that, so be it. So many others do damage that I’d like to see his unique special get some help.

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Make him purple 5 star Sumitomo - imo the most balanced of the reflectors

He can be selfish, but right now he’s like the guy that brags about his prowess ad nauseum, then straight up fails like a belly flopping rookie when given the chance to perform…

With great hair comes great responsibility - but looking like He-Man Mallfoy only gets you so far…

Cyprian is 4 capes - Obi is all the fixins’

Trade 3 targets for fast speed and some damage - ok good start -

But need just enough more to seriously consider him

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Yes, I was also surprised that Obakan got no buff. Counterattack as a tank is fine, but Obakan has low Def and single counterattack does not help much. Low attack to three opponents is not really helpful either.

TBH, He is the only hero that I’ve ever had, thinking it needs a buff. 4 others I considered for logical buffs and I think they all got them - Kadilen, Elkanen, Boss Wolf and Khagan.

I’m a proud owner of Richard and while many people dislike him, he is one of my favourite 5 stars.

@Redeye Agree, neighbouring counterattack on his special will make me want to ascend him for sure, even if he still has lowish attack.

I agree with the others as well - was really surprised he got no buff whatsoever :grinning:

@Petri Any news from the kitchen? Is a buff to Obakan waiting in the near future or at least considered for this year?

Or he should keep his actual stats, but changing to a Very Fast mana.

However, considering that changing mana generation speed is quite drastic, extending his Riposte to nearby allies and changing his damage to 260% to three enemies instead of minor damage to nearby would be nice.

Obakan is fine as is. He is decent, not great, but all heroes can’t be great. He is better than other 5* heroes.

Riposte to heroes next to him would just make him an upgraded version of Cyprian… boring.

I agree he needs a buff though. I think simply upping this counterattack by a substantial amount would make him an interesting hero. Still wouldn’t be great as an attacker, but would make him a hero you actually need to be wary of.

@zephyr1 Hey buddy, would you please spend just a bit of time reading this post? I’m sure that being one of only a few moderators is a tough job and I really appreciate your time amd effort to keep the forum civilized and ordered, however I will really appreciate it if you read further down :grinning:

I understand that the ultimate desicion regarding where this topic belong rests in your hands, however I don’t think it was a good idea to merge those 2 topics together. I’ll state my case here for your consideration:

  1. This topic holds a rethorical and somewhat demanding title, which displeases me as I wanted a more civil discussion;

  2. The steucture of the OP’s original message holds a similar tone, suggested by the use of double ?? and triple !!! . Combining those two, I would generally regard the topic as an unnecessary “noise” that I personally would’ve locked, as even if it sits in the “Ideas and future requests” it actually holds almost no ground for any kind of discussion, nor does it ‘really’ provide any kind of actual suggestion, but, to my estimation, is just a somewhat unpleasant echo of a recently implement changes. My apologies to the OP if I misconstrued his intentions.

  3. Just by those two points, it seems to me that, my actual desire for discussion will be burried by the characteristics of the original post, which I believe is a reasonable speculation on my side, and I would dislike if this happens, to the extent that my opinions and speculations hold any water at all.

  4. To the extent that I and the other participants in my original topic suggested some changes to Obakan, I do not think that my topic belonged to this section of the forum, but rather to its original place in the Discussion part of the boards.

I did chose the Discussion section because I wanted to hold a debate on wheather Obakan actually needs a change according to the E&P general population. I admit that I have chosen a rather catchy title the reflects my personal viewpoint regarding Obakan’s usefulness (or lack thereof) in his current state, but at the same time I’ve actually wanted someone to confront this opinion so we can have a meaningful discussion.

  1. Considering my last point, I think that the arguments that were given by the participants (including myself) in my original topic, resulted in some interesting suggestions, but without reaching a consensus of what would be considered some well-rounded, definitive alternatives for Obakan’s skill set. If we’ve reached some proper conclusions, I would’ve been more than happy to post a topic within the Ideas section.

In any case, I hope you read this and de-merge the topics, or if not I would love to hear the reasoning behind your stance on the matter. I know I’ve been a bit too wordy with this post, but I wanted to stand my case as clearly as possible to avoid any confusions. If you decide on staying firm on your initial desicion, but warrant me with a response as well, there’s no need of going to the extents I did with my arguments :grin:

Take care and thanks again for your efforts to keep the forum lean and clean :wink:

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I really like the idea of a very fast mana classic hero, and I think making this change to Obakan could be a great solution to his currently underwhelming kit :grin:

Your other suggestion is also great :grin:

@Rduke77 - I would love to have a discussion regarding your opinion on the matter! :grinning:

From my perspective, I really think he is the worst 5 star to spend materials on, granted that there are few that are in the same neighborhood, though I still think he is the worst even amongst those. Many 5 stars were previoualy put in the same basket, but were subsequently buffed - Boss Wolf, Elena, Khagan, Elkenen, Kadilen, Thorne come to mind. He is the only one left, and from most, if not all, people that I’ve asked, I hear that he is just a waste of materials, unless you are strictly F2P and he is the only choice you have, and that is only due to the fact that he is a somewhat marginal improvement over most 4 stars due to stats, and there is only one classic purple 4 star damage dealer (Tiburtus, with the other purples being Cyprian, Rigard and Sabina)

To the extent that all heroes can’t be great, I really disagree with your statement that he is actually decent. His special special skill doesn’t have any particular niche that it can be actually useful within, or at least I can’t think of one.

Also, you said there are worse heroes than him, but again I fail to see any such heroes. Maybe, and that’s a huge maybe, Boss Wolf? And you have to appreciate that this is the case only because Boss Wolf has a pretty complex design which is hard to balance - to the best of my knowledge he was nerfed hard from beta to live by reducing his mana speed from Slow to Very Slow, as he was otherwise overwhelming to deal with. Other examples may include the one of 3 rng specials, but those have in my opinion very special place in the game and are very useful but situational. Could you give your examples of 5 star heroes that you consider actually worse than him?

In my eyes, Obakan has pretry mediocre stats and a special skill that doesn’t have a single niche where it can be used to achieve any meaningful and consistent results. He has only one positive trait - being a fast mana hero - but ultimately this trait is only theoretically positive, and becomes void in practice due to above stated facts. He is a variation on the good (mana speed),the bad (mediocre stats) and the ugly (bad special skill), in the most negative sense. I just really can’t see by what means and in which situations you see him, even remotely, as a decent 5 star hero.

As a final remark, I’d like you to think about the fact that he is a classic 5 star hero (tc20), and even if he is better than some other non classic heroes, and while previously he shared his status with some other 5 stars of the classic pack, currently he is the worst of its breed, and by no means a treat to any F2P player.

I’m all up to hear some counter arguments that could change my stance, so please do share your views :grinning:

Well, it would make him an upgraded version of Cyprian and Boril in that regard, but he would be the only one to implement damage to the skill and will be on fast mana and on a 5 star, which is quite unique and neat, rather rhan boring imo.

The substantial amount of riposte % sounds an interesting concept, though not sure to what actual benefit will lead in practice, but it’s a nice idea nonetheless.

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No problem, and I had read your whole original post, as well as the entirety of each of the replies, before merging too.

Merges are typically made with a fair bit of care and consideration.

It actually wasn’t clear from your original post that you were intending to hold a debate in particular, as opposed to making a suggestion, since neither your thread title nor your post asked for opinions.

You stated Obakan needs a buff, is the most underwhelming 5 star in the game, and suggested a specific buff.

If you’d used a thread title like, Should Obakan be Buffed? or Suggestions for Buffing Obakan – Share Your Thoughts or even just said in your post that you were looking for opinions and discussions, that intention would have been clearer.

You’ve done well making that intention clearer in subsequent follow-ups and engagement with commenters.

You also made some observations about this thread’s original message and title, which I’ve addressed with a rename of the thread to Increase Obakan’s Counter Attack or Make Other Buffs — Share Your Ideas & Discuss.

The #ideas-feature-requests is specifically for discussion of ideas, and it has the added benefit of supporting voting, and a longer lifespan for threads. It also has the precedence of hosting several threads specifically for debating whether a particular hero should be buffed.

It’s not necessary that the top post be the final and last thought on what the “idea” is.

The point is that someone starts with a topic or suggestion, and it’s discussed and refined.

Two readily obvious examples of extensive discussions in #ideas-feature-requests that we know got the attention of the devs are:

Had I not merged your original post to this thread, I would have moved it to #ideas-feature-requests anyway.

I also would have renamed it to at least include Obakan in the title, so people searching would have a better chance of correctly identifying what your thread was about.

I felt this particular conversation I merged into was recent enough and relevant enough that your post would productively contribute to the conversation — particularly because it was after the other recent buffs of heroes with counter attacks. It shares the same context and timeliness as your thread, as opposed to a thread from several months ago, which would have predated those buffs.

That’s the point of merging — to get more people interested in a particular topic into one place to discuss it, instead of having similar threads spread out. Anyone who was following the original thread gets notified, in addition to anyone from the new thread.

Merging also increases “thread rank,” as Discourse (the Forum software) uses aggregate views, likes, comments, and votes to determine those — which are all benefitted by merging.

We also know from experience that while SGG Staff rarely respond directly on the Forum, when they do, it’s most often in large-scale threads that were created through the merger of parallel topics. I take that as evidence that they, like many Forum users, make use of Discourse’s thread navigation tools to take note of threads with more engagement.

To come back to this again, it’s worth noting that #forum-rules explicitly prohibit publicly discussing or debating moderation decisions.

I’m actually far more tolerant of that than SGG Staff have instructed me to be, and have hosted a number of discussions about approaches to thread management and moderation that were technically in violation of the Forum Rules (including this one), and have been reminded of such before by Staff.

That said, discussions about moderation within a thread on another topic are highly distracting from the actual thread topic.

In the future, if you want to reach a moderator to ask a question, a better approach is to flag your own post using the “Custom” option, where you can type your message, and we’ll receive it privately, and can respond without derailing the thread.

I appreciate the appreciation, and thanks for taking the time to share your intentions about your thread, and to consider my response. :slight_smile:


It would at the very least make someone think twice about using an aoe special while his riposte is up (cause I’m talking like 200%, it’s not like it’s hard to avoid a specific hero).

On offense, you’d just have to hope the opposing team/titan/boss decides to target him :smile:

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