Increase number of waves in Challenge events

The simplest way to change challenge events such that more skill is involved and less replaying for the perfect board is involved is to increase the number of mob waves. Since altered challenge events are being tested in beta currently, I thought it would be a good time to suggest this alteration. One suggestion for the challenge event format being tested in beta (with 15 stages) could be 3 waves for levels 1-5, 4 waves for levels 6-10, and 5 waves for levels 11-15.

  1. Would it become harder? A negligible amount. People mainly die on the first wave and the boss wave. Increasing the number of mob waves won’t have a large effect on completion rate.
  2. Do you need more skill and less luck? Yes. Currently, you wait for a great board, make one move, kill all the enemies in the first wave, then use items/specials to defeat the next two waves. Once there are more mob waves, items won’t let you beat all the waves, so you actually have to play well to finish the waves quickly.
  3. Will the scoring need to change? No. The exact same formulas can still be used. Absolute values will be lower since completion time will be increased and tiles/turn will be lower. There will probably be more variation in scores, though.
  4. Will replaying allow better scores? Yes. Boards still matter, but skill will become much more important.

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