Increase number of Reset Emblem tokens available – Loot, Rewards, VIP, Shop

Does not make any sense & is probably not good for business…

If you don’t have a reset emblem then yes you’re going to lose 5% of the emblems. You’re the one stripping emblems off way more than intended. If you MUST change the path for every hero when they get a costume you’re going to have to use gems and take the loss. Personally id just play them with whatever path they have set from the main hero and see if it’s fine enough.

I wasn’t around when emblems started but I believe when it started there was no reset token and you had to use gems and lose the 5% if you wanted to change the path or move to a new hero. They added the tokens to help out. I do know you didn’t used to get any of the food and iron back which is another nice change.

I’ve shown you a different way to do what you want to do and it seems you only want it the exact way you imagine so I’ll step out now and wish you luck.

There has been reset emblems since emblems started and everyone received free emblems. My point is that something this simple should not be this difficult & a better solution should be available…

The solution is to stop resetting your emblems so much if you don’t want to do the gem reset.

SG created the problem with costume paths being different then non costume paths

Just because they are different doesn’t mean it’s such a major problem you need to start them over, if you have a limited resource in reset tokens then you need to prioritize which heros would be most hurt by having the old emblem path. If you need to do them all then it’s gotta be gems.

I don’t agree, I will decide what I want to do with my own hero’s, thank you very much, its like you are making up excuses for a problem to not come up with a viable solution instead of listening to what the problem is and coming up with a viable realistic solution to the problem.

The solution is do a gem reset and lose the 5% :man_shrugging:

I want to see more reset buttons. With it being easier to get emblems. I move them around alot to try different heroes

I have 29 left in my inventory after stripping the emblems around 10 heroes or so just for me to highly or fully emblem some heroes just last month. I have used several of the before on some heroes before. I know others have more than what I have because they consistently get to 1% in raid tourneys every week.

I usually get 5% or 10%. I haven’t got any in a long time

I know but then you lose all that food and iron.

How are you supposed to know what heroes go great with eachother without trying them. That doesn’t make sense.

I actually am not concerned about the emblems. I would just like the food and iron to help max the next 5*

I would absolutely buy it in resources or even put them in more packages

I remember in every few emblems quests reset emblem would appear. Now it’s been 2 months since last one. What’s going on?

The SG gremlins ate them :rofl:

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That is the right point. I also noticed there are no longer reset emblems as a reward from emblem quests. Maybe it’s not a bug, rather than intentional change, but I wonder if reset emblems will be back somehow in the future. Thanks.

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If it’s any help, I got one from a war chest yesterday.

They’ve always been kind of rare - maybe you’re just having an unlucky streak.

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I think SG secretly make it rarer…until someone notice it.

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