Increase number of Reset Emblem tokens available – Loot, Rewards, VIP, Shop

OMGSG!..I have lost count on how many times I have had to do emblem reset because of costume paths, help us out, send out more reset emblems, I still need more & haven’t received any for awhile now.

Chests, Featured, Resources, Mystic Visions, Quests, Events, nothing, where are all the reset emblems?

Crazy, I have am abundance of them. Just used one before posting this

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This goes back to the trade topic, wouldn’t that be nice…

wow, 1146 monk emblems, why don’t you put those on some monk heros?

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same here, but I have never used any…

They are tough to get. Before handing them out occasaionally in the emblem quests, they were the hardest item to get. Reset tokens are like money in real life…choose wisely because you can only spend it once.

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Got the monk I needed maxed. I try and save as much as I can so I don’t have to use the reset emblems much. Whenever my next 5s monk comes in, I’ll use them.

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Looks like you’ve to be more carefull with reset tokens. I’ve just used one token so far.

Yeah I don’t tend to reset anyone for changes in the costume path, I just play them as they are since I’d rather not have to spend all that food and iron again. The only time I use reset tokens is if I’m stripping one hero to give the emblems to another one. I have 19 banked

I’ve used 2 or 3 reset token since beginning. I have never enough food to ascend heroes and troops. Once I don’t have no more needs for food I will focus on optimizing emblems path. Until then they are so many things to do with food that it will still have to wait few years.

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When a reset emblem is used now, I have received food & iron resources back, originally that wasn’t the case, maybe enough players complained about all the lost food & iron & they started giving back some of the food & iron…

Seriously for the amount of time & money I have spent on E&P, it should not be this difficult for me to acquire reset emblems, as a paying player, I shouldn’t have to wait months and months for reset emblems when I need them to improve my heros.

Perhaps you’re tweaking your emblem choices too often. Consensus seems to be most of us have a large surplus of these.

No, not at all, I had to use my emblems when costumes started because the emblem paths are not optimal the way I had them set before costumes came out, & then more costumes came out I have not been receiving them regularly every month lately for the other heros that I need to change their emblem paths, I probably haven’t been receiving them because everyone is hoarding them, pandemic habits. SG just tells me its a rare item with no solution. Come on, really, Chests, Quests, Events, Loot from battles, Mystic Visions, Featured, Resources, Alchemy lab…I haven’t seen a reset emblem in over a month, this kind of thing should a simple fix…reset emblems should not be a “Rare item”…

I think most of us aren’t resetting the path for a costume. That’s where you’re stuck.

If it’s so desperately important to you to do it, then the gem option is there.

Gems are not an option, how are gems an option? There is no place to purchase reset emblems in Featured or Resources…

You don’t need a reset token when you use gems to reset a hero.

Thats not an option because I guess you would lose 5% of actual emblems, why? fthat

All these issues with the game, it seems like SG is actively trying to make players hate the game instead of liking it

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