Increase number of Reset Emblem tokens available – Loot, Rewards, VIP, Shop

First of all, thanks small(friendly)Giant (sfG;) for passing a pretty nice opportunity to fiil in the daily breaks!
Now to the point: the game has evolved to nurture more and more New heroes per month (hotm+season3+?). Imho, players’ main fun part of the game is to acquire these new heroes, advance them by emblems and later on try them sperately or by synergies to other heroes in the roster, while keeping all the hard acquired emblems for Next month’s heroes (fact is that they keep coming in advancing frequencies…!).

A Reset Emblem token per month, free or even via the vip-pass, could boost the fun to a new level and lead to some game improvement. What do you think?

You are getting free reset tokens from some of the class quests, I’m pretty sure that’s at least one per month.

That is, if you complete all 3 stages. Not sure which level you are on - do you have access to the 3rd level already?


I actually get on average 1.1 reset tokens a month since they were introduced…


You can check here each time a class quest pops up.


yes,Ican manage most of the class quests up to 3d level, even though, don’t you think that one more Reset is really necessary for all that pace of upcoming heroes? They are coming way too fast in numbers, leaving the heroes we allready have way back in power. So, in order to adjust we have to try them in our team roster with the full amount of emblems allready earned. I think one more via at least the vip-pass makes some difference in the pace to keep up with the progress of the game.
Thanks for your thought m8.

There’s are 2 class quests per week. 8 per month. If even 1/4 of them have the reset token, that’s 2 per month. Given the cost in food and iron to swap emblems between heroes, you would struggle to emblem up more than 2 5* heroes in a month

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How quickly are you acquiring and maxing out new 5* heroes? I know it takes me more than a month to max out a 5*. I think I’ve used 1 reset token and have 16 just collecting dust mainly because I use them on heroes I plan on putting on my war defense. And those heroes aren’t switching out that quickly.

Idk man, I was around when emblems were released, those were still times when I relied on 4* heroes, so when I was moving onto 5* I had to reset. I also summon quite a bit and moves tokens around my heroes there. And this is my current stock of reset tokens. Ofc not buying them, not sure if this is even possible.

As others said, much worse than resetting is the food and iron cost.

Tournament top 1% have 30% chance to drop a reset token. Getting most tokens from that. Every 10 weeks that is 3 tokens. Pretty much 1 a month from tournament, over 1 a month from trials.

Yeah, this is the point where i am now, forming first 5^ team, so reseting is really needed, getting back all the emblems alleady divided to other 4*. I accept tha fact that maybe later on, just 1.5 to 2 Reset tokens per month (from Trials and Tournaments) will be almost allright. And by “allmost” I mean that even more advanced players (I begun playing E&P last Sept19), told me that Reset tokens are needed even to them because they get around 2 to 3 new 5* per month and that means partially resetting their team formation due to synergies and not only getting emblems from one 5* to the next better one. I surely am not there, but I can imagine that the emblem loss is holding them back as well. Maybe one more free or vip token will make people (one is me for sure) more happy in future playtime!
Thanks for passing on ideas and info. Seeyou out there adventurers!

I don’t think the Reset Emblem drop rate is an issue, nor are any more free ones necessary.

I’ll probably use one of the 16 I have piled up soon, and might use a second one some day… can’t really see needing any more.

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By the way, 1% at the tournament is not something that can happen every month, is it?
So it,s just the Trials reset tokens… That is probably not enough to cover even pro players that want to try their emblems on different heroes, from the many that appeat every month! Cya out there m8s!

Top 1% is weekly if you prioritise tournaments :slight_smile:

I’ve never bought a token; used maybe a dozen…?

Fact is that most “top players” don’t shift their emblems around unless they can’t help it… The food and iron cost is massive & usually takes a couple days to do. Only 2 reasons to shift emblems:

  1. You need to for war defence change
  2. You have maxed a new great hero who is the all time best home for the emblems.

Correct 1% weekly IF you prioritise tournaments which means putting emblems on 3* or 4*! Then how to try a new 5* hero with emblems if you used them elsewhere?
Proposed earlier some ways to give players some room to try the new heroes full possibilities via having more Reset tokens (eg. 1 free with the monthly pet).
As for the food/iron cost, you are right, it sure plays a main role in changing emblems.
Ps. Maybe if the tournaments made 3 parallel gategories (3* and 4* and 5*) every week simultaneously just like events we could get to the 1* ! This latter proposal seems more solid than the extra token conversation. What do u think Guvnor?

Not necessarily.
I don’t have any emblems on my 3* and only 4 emblemed 4* heroes.

But I’m usually top 1% of those tournaments… Top 5% at the worst.

Someone has a pre-existing discussion/ Request thread to this effect:

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If you’re constantly changing your emblems around you’re not really learning how to use your existing heroes effectively. Decide on a coherent emblem strategy first.

Strategy changes as new heroes emerge very frequently (eg. now minion eaters are made important). That,s why imo maybe tournament score should pass a reset token more frequently or maybe have one via the vip pass that most of the players are using.

I’m just glad by the time I landed Telluria, I didn’t have any other Paladins using emblems. Essentially, I had every saved Paladin emblem since I started playing on January 18, 2019. The time I landed Telluria, only Cyprian, Guardian Falcon, Richard, and Justice were truly vying for Paladin emblems and Richard and Justice still needed 4* Ascension Mats before they could be emblemized anyways (even still). Thankfully, I’m not having to play the Reset Emblem game too much.

Thought two, then.

If you are constantly getting better heroes all the time you are probably a whale and the gem cost to reset is nothing. Loss of some emblems would be, though.

I still think the majority of players rarely find themselves in the position of having to reset a hero to change emblems to a better option.

The one time I used a reset was to re-emblem the same hero when I realized I’d used the wrong path for them. That was not long after emblems came out.

Please add more reset emblems as rewards or a possible purchase in the shop. Seriously with the amount of food and iron you lose, I don’t think there should be any penalty at all for resetting your talents.

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