Increase number of featured heroes in Costume Chamber

As the title is saying, considering that the Costume Chamber is on only every two months and we have about 20 S1 5* heroes, I would see it that they should increase the number of featured heroes to 3 or 4 for each round. Otherwise, basically it takes more than 1.5 years to cycle through all heroes.

Having each 5* costume featured every year at least would be desirable.

That’s a great idea, although with the percent staying the same you’d have half as much chance to get the hero you are after.


What’s the point of a costume chamber if it can’t feature all costumes? This portal is getting more dated tbh.
Just put C mother north in there and this portal will revive like using her porridge

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A separate Season-1 Costume chamber NOW looks silly, when all other costumes come with their respective main heroes from other portals.

High time, SG sorted this aspect out and included the costumes along with the heroes for Season-1. Especially, since Season-1 heroes have been kept & keep popping out from almost every portal.

Milking Season-1 costumes in the 5th year of the game looks comical and I am surprised that players are no asking that more loudly & frequently.


Hm you make a good argument about it taking so long to go through the rotation, but as someone that desires maybe five of the costumes and would be okay without the rest I’d have better odds if it was a singular featured hero. I doubt two or my desired heroes will be featured at once. So having a singular featured hero would increase my odds for that one hero.

But I think your logic is more rational so I’d be quite okay if it was increased.


I agree that the chance is lower. But having 1/3 of 1.5% chance to pull for example C. Kadilen every 12 month sounds better to me than having a 1/2 of 1.5% chance of pulling her every 20 months…

perhaps make it similar to S2 summon portal that featuring hotm.

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What I’d like to see is increase summon % a full point, keep featuring 2 heroes ( not gonna happen lol)