Increase Loot Ticket Offers

Since the adjustment of Atlantis, can we get an increase in loot ticket offers and drops?

There may be a motive as to why loot tickets are treated like super valuable commodities, perhaps to keep everyone from being able to level super quick. But I’d be okay with a decrease in earned xp when using loot tickets (maybe make a secondary type of loot ticket for material farming only), if we could have them more readily available…yes, I hate to farm. :wink:

Edit: guess I could have waited a couple more minutes.

I can’t resist attaching this thread from when loot tickets were first added. Players hated them, thought they were useless, just a money grab, total waste of time…

Oh, how times have changed :grin:


Insanity! lol Guess there will always be the few who can’t see the light!

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That’s because they are basically useless. I did 1081 runs of 9.9/9.10 last AR too level twice and will level again this AR despite it coming early

30 tickets in an offer is just so few.
I’d rather them have 100 tickets and no gems personally. I can buy gems in other offers or the shop, I can’t the tickets. So for the same offer, remove the gems and increase tickets to 100

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Oh my, I’ve never seen so many at one time. I’m quite envious.

I suppose if you don’t craft the expensive stuff that relies on rare materials for high tier titans, there wouldn’t be much value in it. But I live off of nuggets and dragon bones, so to be able to quickly ticket farm 24.10 rather than auto-farm, would be a luxury I welcome.

I love the loot tickets for when I wake up in the middle of the night :grin:

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lol yes! I waste so many doing this. From my VIP Pass, I used to save them but now I get to 6 at most and then use them in the night, so I am not wasting energy lol

This was how many I had before the last AR

Yeah I don’t craft too many expensive items.

Lol wow…you craft them alright, use much is another matter…faints

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