Increase in Special Quests -Thank You

Thank you Devs! Appears the frequency of special quests and missions may be on the uprise; giving us little guys the ability to earn ascension items! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Look out AW, the little people will rise!:joy:


I really hope there are either more quests or events or that the high end ascension items start appearing more in loot. I understand the game is a marathon (been playing almost a year) but I’m really close to hitting the wall. I have 30 heroes now that are maxed at third tier ascension and I’m not getting the teams needed to do their final ascension. Not for nothing - it’s not lack of trying, my alliance is stronger than ever taking down our 7 or 8 star titan daily , I work the wanted chests like they’re a religious devotion and we’ve been winning wars but the loot never has the ascension items needed for that final tier anymore. I’m a dedicated player but if I can’t grow there’s really no point to keep playing

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Are you completing all the rare quests?

I sure am. I never miss anything that gives an ascension item. It just seems like the only place they appear anymore is in those rare quests and you need more items than you can get if you do every rare quest for months on end

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