Increase hero capacity limit


Hey everyone,

I know that when you level up (in the beginning), you occasionally get more hero storage (yay!). It seems as if this stops at some point, I’m fairly certain mine hasn’t increased in ages (lvl 40, max cap: 70). I wonder if 70 is the limit for free players, as I know you can spend gems to increase your capacity.

Why not increase it every level? With the event adding a need for 3* heroes, that’s another 10 spots gone if you want to do that tier properly (at least double for every colour). We didn’t get those extra spots though.

i’d probably be less salty if the devs would at least give a definite answer on whether duplicates will ever be useful or not - right now i’m saving some of those to avoid the scenario where I fed my maxed 3*s only to be presented a whole new event with a use for them a month later.

It’s tiny things like this, still not having more team slots and an impossible drop rate for common ingredients that might just do me in while waiting for the alliance wars. I’ve asked about several things in the “frequently updated frequent requests”, but that only ever got 1 edit and all other requests have gone unanswered.

Hope someone can tell me they have a higher limit without paying for it :rofl:


Spend gems to increase the capacity. 300 gems can give you another 30 hero spots or (most likely) another 3*.


Just spend the gems. It’s a no brainer.


I know I can spend to increase and I understand both y’alls points, but since we didn’t have to in the beginning and I see no real use for them to stop this… this post is to ask why and to show that I don’t like it.

I rather save my gems for possible new heroes that are needed and can’t be received through the TC20 (guardians etc) in order to limit the difference between myself and paying players. For me not spending about a week’s worth of gems on increasing capacity is a no brainer.


Saving gems to buy hero lottery tickets is a terrible trade off. 2600 gems will buy you 10 rolls, is that right? And we know the odds are that you will not receive any 5 stars from your 10, let alone the guardian you seek.

Have you calculated how much your hero capacity would increase by if you spent 2600 gems on it? Can you appreciate what a difference to your game play that would make?

Again: it’s a no brainier.


Agree to disagree. I saved 2600 gems over the last 2.5 months or so for a 10 pull this event which I just managed to do today. I got both a 5* and one of the speciality stacking guardians.

I know the odds are low, but they’re higher than if I spend my gems on storage increase.

I’m not trying to be convinced what to spend my gems on, I’m perfectly capable to make that decision myself. I know all the options. I am just asking for them to continue increasing the storage for level-ups, just like they did in the beginning. Not asking to just magically have all the room, I’ll happily grind for it. I just don’t like that this is the limit to be able to grind without spending money/gems (yes you can grind those for free) and I think that when they set this limit the game was different and there were different needs (didn’t need to keep any 3s, let alone several for every colour).


I’m level 42. Got my last storage increase when I levelled up to 40, I think, or perhaps 39. At any rate, they do keep coming.

And not to quibble, but it seems churlish to complain with one breath that you want more hero storage, then with the next breath refuse to pay a few gems for it. You should probably, you know, pick a lane.

Storage increases are really cheap. I would not presume to tell you what to spend your gems on, but if you choose not to invest to increase your hero capacity then the limitations you face are your own fault.


If they keep coming then i have no problem at all. I’m lvl 40 and may have forgotten, but believe I haven’t gotten an increase in a long time - which is why I proposed continueing them.

Picked a lane; i want things to be grindable for people who don’t spend gems. Just like you can get heroes, items etc. This, in my opinion, shouldn’t be something that people would have to spend gems on if they want a bigger storage than 70, because it is simply too small. I don’t have an insane amount of heroes, and it is clear I don’t do a lot of 10pulls - so with 40 lvls of grinding I believe I shouldn’t have a problem where I am clearly limited in my hero space unless I spend gems on it.

There are other games I played (also for free) where I did buy extra hero space, but those gave out gems every single day and very freely. I could easily earn it in a day or two there - not like the 1, 2,3 gems I get from the mystic vision/wanted missions.


I don’t think this is correct. I am pretty certain my storage has been at 70 for several levels now, I am level 39 and as loorts said lvl 40 and also been at 70 for ages…


Perhaps my most recent capacity increase came at level 41 or 42 - I’m afraid I can’t recall precisely. At any rate it took my capacity to 105, after I had increased it to 100 myself.

Because 70 was simply too small. So I just did some grinding, and, like magic, the problem was solved.

This may be why I find it strange to hear anyone wish that they could grind their way out of this problem. Because I ground my way out of this problem. Easily.

But hey, if you are vehemently opposed to spending gems then by all means enjoy those 70 heroes.


As i said, I hadn’t noticed I could grind my way out of there, as it seemed 70 was the limit and nobody I asked could help me - in my post i was wondering whether 70 was the limit.

But by all means, I will enjoy whatever storage space I have and now at least know it will eventually grow again.


Why not just clean up some of the never going to be used 4*?

They’d have to buff Skittles past a 5* power in order to ever make him useful and the odds of that happening are basically nil.

Kashrek is a similar one, I’m certain I can come up with other 3 and 4* options which just aren’t needed… actually I know I can come up with some 5’s too but those have a much higher probability of being buffed into relevance.

I’m putting less and less focus on being 4* complete, some heroes just won’t ever be used, I probably won’t ever need dupes of 5*'s, and ultimately choosing to compete in beginner or not is a personal choice… and I’m not going to do that so needing 10 slots for 3*'s, not for me.


Where do you go to buy these extra roster spots?


In the shop, under Resources, @Gt61162