Increase Fighter Revive Talent HP

I see many heroes when benefiting from add-ons from the talent grid are able to revive with 1% energy. I see it useless - sorry for the instigator - as most of the time the hero dies after one turn, unless the latter is healed. Thus, my request is simply to have a more decent % - say 20% at least? Thank you for your consideration.

To clarify, it’s 1 HP, not 1%.

And I’ve moved this to #ideas-feature-requests, since you appear to want to suggest this as a change for the game. I’ve also updated the thread title to better represent your request.


It’s not 1%, but 1 health point.

20% would be overpowered. And actually, for some heroes, 1 hp is not that bad. If they have their special charged when they die, they will cast it after reviving. A Boldtusk or a Delilah would heal themselves (and the full team); Elena would harm their opponents greatly + add counterattack to her flanks… It just depends on the hero, but other classes specials are way worse than revive from the fighter class if they were to improve any of them.


Thank you. Yet it is the minimal amount that bugs me. Thanks in any case for your contribution.

Please make an exception for boldtusk. They really have been annoying since the talent grid was introduced.

Have had some revive up to 15 times.

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I fought a boldtusk that managed to revive 4 times in a row, with his special going off once during it. While 1 hp doesn’t sound like much it is extremely annoying and forces you to change tactics on the fly.
As such it is an very handy skill to have.
Colen managed to revive 5 times in a row and launch his special in the final rivive. I managed to win both but it was very annying and shows what a useful skill it is.

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I think that it’s cool to see talent’s popping up and all but the game it’s already enough based on RNG to gives free healing chances, 1 hp is good to me.

Fighters could have the chances to cast their last special but giving 20% extra heal it would be just too much. If it would have a fight’s only cooldown it could have sense but for a consecutive activation it would just be too much… to me at least.

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Rezzed HP could be increased by 1 to stand arrow aid or 1 tile without hero of that element. That’d be a very small, but helpful buff without overpowering this talent.


should be buffed to 1%, because 1hp is nothing, however healer reviving with fully mana is another case… xD

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Since RNG is everywhere, it could also be random HP “between 1 HP and 100 HP” for example.

But… IMHO, things are fine as they are.

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Agree, the 1HP is enough. I’ve had similar experiences, where a Colen or Boldtusk revived and cast their special and a Hu Tao revived 3x in a row. Can be pretty annoying, and i’ve lost raids because of it.

I’ve also benefited from it, as my Lance has revived a couple of times with full mana to cast his special, or revived in time for my Kiril/Sabina to heal.

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