Increase farm/food production

I just wanted to know if there is any way of increasing the speed of food production, are you able to mix any kind of “concoction” to spread over the crops that would speed up crops to be harvest?

NOPE. Just level them up and keep on grinding


Then after grinding the wait game starts.

9 farms 5300 food per hour maxes at 116000 food.

That’s 21.8 hours until max food.

21.8 hours round up to 22 hours round up 1 day.

After 21.8 hours that’s 1044000 food.

1044000 × 2 is 2088000 food. 44 hours (2 days)

4 storages maxed that’s 2766000 food at max.

That’s 57.9 hours to max food. 2 days 14 hours to get max food.

And believe you me I run through that food in 30 mins leveling heros.


Thank you Rohn for answering my question.

You are welcome. If you ever have ANY questions just ask in here someone will always be able to help. NO question is a stupid question… Remember the only stupid question is the one you dont ask>

Oh Vinny, Vinny, Vinny I was afraid of that being the answer. I love this game, yet I do not have the patience. But yet, at this point, that is what I need patience.

…or buy food in the shop for gems…

hola amigos
I have a question about my farms as well that I haven’t yet been able to figure out on my own other than doing long term math and I’ll explain and provide an SS.
SO, My question is this - can i see how much ham my farm has produced, AND, how close I am to max production (yellow colored ham) WITHOUT having to redeem the farms ham, or doing the math. The math doesn’t always work, simply because I don’t always know when the white Ham icon appeared above a particular farm… Here’s an SS to help explain visually what I’m trying to ask…

Now According to this, it’d take ~22 hrs to max out the farm… 116k/5300… But let’s say that you don’t remember exactly when you last collected full farms, but you know it’s been a while, if there’s a way to get a count of the ham in the farm at any particular time that’d be great and tbh with iron too. If there isn’t, I really firmly believe that there should be a way to do this. We can do it with our TCS - see how many would be available and how many would be collected based on our current roster spots available.

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