Increase % Chance to Level Special Ability once hero is Max Level

I know Alliance Wars and better overall heros on my bench created this issue, (throwing two Tudans into my 2^ Bane just to buy him a little extra defense before my last hail mary hit :wink: )but now, I’m stuck with four 3* maxed heros who don’t have maxed specials. I don’t mind needing to feed more but the percentage on chance-to-increase could be raised in these instances. Please…?

This is a good idea. These feeder heroes aren’t advancing the XP, so it would reasonable to double the % chance of increasing the special.


And also max level should bring another +1 special.

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I have a 3* hero wich is level 18 on 3rd degree, but if I want to level up there is written 0% of chance leveling up special. And the character is at 6/8.
Bane I have on lvl 50 but special only5/8. Is it any chance to get it higher or at 50 no chance anymore?

Once a hero is at the maximum level of their final ascension, you can continue feeding them heroes to try and increase their special. It only works if you have them at the final ascension though, and the odds of special increase don’t improve.

Closing as implemented

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