Increase Arrows Duration

Hi E&P community.

All of us love attacking titans as they are a staple of the game. I am humble player that hits titans and mainly use arrows and axes.

My idea is to increase the duration of arrows accuracy drop from 4 turns to 6 turns to match the duration of axes. This will mean that we will use the same amount of arrows and axes each titans instead of a 3:2 ratio.

If arrows need to become a 2* battle item then I am happy to pay the extra iron required to produce them.

the arrows are a 1* battle item made from 1* crafting materials. its supposed to suck.

Here is you 6 turn arrow

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Not really, this is just another axe

Dude, that was funny!

That’s a bit excessive, a jump of 4 stars upto a 5* battle items. I don’t need to waste extra materials for poor part return to resources.

Maybe we need another thread about adding blind 6 turns to that harpoon , not have to use little one and two star items at all lol

an arrow costs 2100 iron. not bad.

a harpoon? almost 100k iron. plus some other stuff. not even close to similar. :roll_eyes:

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