~*~ increase alliance members ~*~


Please increase the amount of menbers allowed in our alliances to 50. This will be a benefit to alliances who welcome new members, and prefer not to “kick” them out for lack of team power.

By incrasing the member cap, more seasoned players have the opportunity to join the groups and will help to “balance” the alliance.


I’m uncertain why you feel seasoned players would suddenly flock to “even” out the balance, as opposed to joining more developed Alliances that tackle Titans and Alliance War opponents more their speed?

I suppose some might feel inclined to do so but unless you can propose some sort of incentive I find it unlikely.

Also increasing the member capacity would likely require a rescale of titan health etc…


Relative to your comment about seasoned players flockng to even out the balance, I’m sorry if you misunderstood me. take this scenario:

if you have 50 players in an alliance, 20 may not be as strong, but the remaining 30 members will carry the load of the alliance while the beginner players learn and build their team strength.