Increase Alliance Member Capacity – Please add your comments & ideas here!

Several in the forum have made posts regarding expanding the maximum number of members in an alliance.

This thread has gathered the posts of the requests and ideas players have had regarding this idea. Please continue to add your thoughts on this subject!

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Hello all,

A quick search and I found this had been brought up a couple of times some months back.

My suggestion is to increase the total alliance members to 35.

There was a discussion a week or so ago about bring back higher * Titans. I think that increasing the member size will mean higher titans can come back, they can even leave them alone, as they were when they first came in. They could even bring in up to 15*?

This should also mean, that every alliance should benefit, all alliances, with 5 more members should at the very least move up a Titan, possibly even two levels. Which means more loot rolls!

It will also make AW more fun? You might get 5 better players which gives you that win that you were looking for.

Also, from a selfish point of view, it will also mean we can get more of our friends playing with us!

I’d like this to remain a proper conversation please, so any moaning or whining about certain players or alliances will be flagged for removal.

After all, I hope this will benefit every alliance out there!

Whistler - Crystal Palace

Hi. On this point alone it would never happen as more loot rolls means far less far less money spent.

Your idea isn’t bad it’s just not a viable one.

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Please increase the amount of menbers allowed in our alliances to 50. This will be a benefit to alliances who welcome new members, and prefer not to “kick” them out for lack of team power.

By incrasing the member cap, more seasoned players have the opportunity to join the groups and will help to “balance” the alliance.

I’m uncertain why you feel seasoned players would suddenly flock to “even” out the balance, as opposed to joining more developed Alliances that tackle Titans and Alliance War opponents more their speed?

I suppose some might feel inclined to do so but unless you can propose some sort of incentive I find it unlikely.

Also increasing the member capacity would likely require a rescale of titan health etc…

Relative to your comment about seasoned players flockng to even out the balance, I’m sorry if you misunderstood me. take this scenario:

if you have 50 players in an alliance, 20 may not be as strong, but the remaining 30 members will carry the load of the alliance while the beginner players learn and build their team strength.

While I respect your reasons, I would really not want to see the number go up. We have a hard enough time getting folks to participate with the 30 and keep them in balance so the loot is a fair distribution. Add 20 more folks and it would just get crazy.

So while I love you make such an effort, I would strongly request they remain at the already large 30 members.


Hmmm… maybe some other options could work? Two that come to mind are 1- a multi alliance group like Furys Slayers or the Chaos Alliances or 2- adopt some starting alliances. Either one would require ppl communicating through Line, but being able to post pics or videos is a great teaching tool!


I think that is terrific that you help others but the issues of creating larger alliances is not great for everyone. I witnessed some of the chaos created when we went from 10 members to 30.They would have to redo the titan levels again as 40 or 50 people hitting an 9 star titan would take it down within a few hours. Also alliances merging and strategizing for members is time consuming and takes away time from the actual game. Also with alliance wars coming soon, I think managing 30 members right now would be enough until we get a good feel for how they will play out.


Hi SGG and Community,

in German area want a Lot of people a higher member Limit from 30 to 50-100.

What do you say about it?

It was a huge transition going from 10 to 30 members. Until the appearance of alliance wars and how they will be played; I am not in favor of increasing at this time. If they do increase the limit, up to 50 members. I have been in games with 100 members alliances and it is very difficult to communicate and get things organized.


I agree w/ @SMORE. Unless you are fortunate to have people dedicated to managing certain aspects (recruiting, activity, Titan hits, etc), 50+ would be chaos. Yes, you’d get tons more hits on a Titan, but remember… every advance they give us… they add something to the titans. Just my 2 cents.


That was my thought too, lower level alliances take care and feeding just to stay capped at the member limit already.

Then factor the math: if they added 67% (rounded!) more members for a total of 50, HP on Titans would increase across the board by, well, 67%.

And actually how this would probably pencil out is it’d just wind up hurting the now larger low level guilds I suspect as it’s not like new members are coming in at the average damage range there: in almost all cases except for the highest echelons I suspect new members often come in at the bottom of that rank (most just barely clear the cup line and most current members are above that point, not that cups mean that much for titan damage but you get the idea).

The way this has been solved in every other similar game and how I’ve seen it addressed here, just make a sub-Alliance vis a vis:

We’re Awesome!
We’re Awesome Too!

Or whatever you come up with (XYZ and XYZ 2 is the common designation).

I’m just not seeing it, and given the lack of chat functionality in game and it’s really only the hardcore alliances that can dictate thou shalt check Line / Discord / Slack / whatever, it’d just be a confusing mess for everyone else.


What can I say that has not already been said? Nothing other than to add my voice to say no to increasing the size of alliances.

I think we all think how great a 50/50 alliance would be for Titan killing, and do not consider the amount of suckage a 1/50 alliance would be, as regards filling the chairs, let along killing the Titans. :confused:


As a co-leader, 30 is already a lot of work to keep track and organize. If anything I would like less people x.x


Hi, in Guild Wars member Limit by 100 and it was great the work is the same like be 10mebers!

30 is to less, 50 is middle and Sure from 10-30 was great!

Hi i am a training alliance i take in new players to help them to learn how to play this game, from there line up to stratigies and ect once they are fully taught they are free to explore other alliance’s so to get to the point of my discussion here is that i would like to see the alliance amount of members increased to 40 or 50 so i can help more new player there by they will be less stress about the game and will be more then willing to keep playing the game rather then quiting because they do not know what they are doing so please let me help more people
Thank you

I’d suggest 55 limit and the last 5 members don’t get to participate in Alliance Wars. or this is a bad idea :frowning:

Moderator’s Note

Sorry for the reversed order of merged posts. I didn’t realize the posts wouldn’t stay in chronological order.

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