Increase alliance features!

I would like to see more alliance activities such as:

  1. Alliance war: a tournament happens once a week where each alliance will be ranked by their total cups. Each alliance member will try to eliminate the other alliance member using raid energy. When a team defeat thee other member teams they will continue to the next member at their heroes’ current health. Tournament should have a big prize at the end like epic token or other of equal values.

  2. Ascension items should be added to daily summon tokens

  3. Have an auction house for items.

  4. Alliance quest: happen once a week, uses normal energy for missions. Players can go through a path with many nodes. Each nodes cost certain energy. Certain node contains different rewards. Alliance must work together and try to search through as many nodes as possible to obtain all the rewards.


Sounds like someone plays Marvel’s Contest of Champions.

But seriously, yes I agree. We need more activities that revolve around your Alliance. This is the main reason the Merc community is so big in this game. There’s no incentive to join or stay with an Alliance.

I would love to see new quests that are Alliance specific where your Alliance needs to work together to complete the map. Your Alliance can be scored based on how much of the map quest you’re able to complete and your alliance can receive loot based on how well they did.

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I never want to see interalliance wars. This type of things ruin games. Then greed becomes the end all be all. I wouldn’t mind events that reward alliances for reaching milestones. The head to head idea ruins everything. It also turns the players against each other and players begin to cheat and exploit holes that severely degrades game play.


I do not think that will work for the lower alliances especially mine my alliance is a training alliance i train new players so competing like that would not ne fair to the new people it would only turn them away from the game

But now on that not this would be great for the top 100 alliances

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Yes! Pyper I played that game first before starting this one.

Star if each alliance are graded their strength on cups then the game will match alliances with equal or similar strength. I.E. weaker team will be faced off with team of similar strength. Their should be different tiers of alliance wars. Bronze cup for weaker alliance and silver cup and gold cups.


I don’t mind alliance wars so long as alliances can opt out. Let those who want to participate do so; not everyone does. :wink:


I agree Rook, opting into or out alliance wars would be important. There may be times an alliance is in trasition and needs a break before competing again. Also not everyone in an alliance may want to compete or feel ready/powerful enough to compete, so an option to allow some players to opt out would also be important. I have played games where the leader can select a team of 50 players out of a 100 to compete,

I agree, if they make it an opt out option, then go for it. But if it is mandated like Raiding is, then I do not want, nor need, Alliance Wars.

What could be interesting is to have each alliance challenging against a standard event. That way we can really compare our skills and might! Again, organized into ‘weight classes’


Rook I agree with you. I want this feature to add more alliance activities, not shaming or putting pressure on weaker alliances. At the moment I find there is little need to be in an alliance other than titans. This feature would add more depth to the game and add a competitive gameplay for the more serious players.

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I play a game that has a number of Alliance features. What I like about each of them is they are all opt in at the discretion of the alliance leaders; the costs and the prizes are out there for those who want them. And many want them. :wink:

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Thing is wars likely won’t be “optional.”. Reason being is that the prizes will likely be too good to pass up. Having played other games that started like this and then introduced wars. The wars became the end all be all. You had to spend big money and time to get things such as characters that were super OP. Imagine a fast spirit link 5*. Ntm the gear too which guaranteed upgrades. This means war always or get left behind. With the goal of raid chests. I for one do not want to ve forced to raid impossible teams in order to obtain them. More is less and less is more…

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Then please, no thank you to the whole idea. I am already forced to play along with the raid system that is less than perfect, I really do not want another, even more complex, Alliance Raid system on top of that.

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I’m willing to be cautiously cautiously optomistic and not completely refuse a new feature before it’s even offered.

I just praaaay that our concerns are heard beforehand.

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Amen to that. I agree that maybe it will not be bad. But based on things so far I am less optimistic then you are. :wink:

Absolutely. Cup dumpers have broken raids. Dropping down 300-400 cups just to get easier raids shouldn’t be possible. Personally, I would like to see the raids be based on team power strength, and the raiding team be automatically selected for defense in the specific case of revenging. ( I.E, no more raiding someone with 3-4* Heroes, then protecting those cups with a bunch of 5* Ubermensch behemoths.)

I would also like to see a bank system. Deposit items for gems. Like, pay 50 gems to deposit a Trap Tool in the Alliance Bank. Someone else can take it out for 100 gems. So, Small Giant gets the money for 600 gems from one Co-leader giving enough Trap Tools to fully ascend a Member’s 4* Dark Hero within the same alliance. Win-win. (You could even have alliance-level raids be about ascension item that way instead of a few measly hams or metal plates.)

Not everyone likes raids. I personally regard them as a necessary evil, given the chance to gain ascension materials from chests. Allowing cup dropping at least makes the activity tolerable for people who don’t enjoy raiding but need the chests.
Forcing people to play at a higher level, with all the inherent frustrations that come from raiding, would just alienate players. It’d be better to make cups actually have some real benefit that makes it worth the trouble to fight for them besides the, pointless to me, bragging rights to discourage cup dropping rather than force droppers to do something they don’t enjoy by making a game intended to be fun harder for them.
Not everyone enjoys the same things. At least right now both sides of the cup dropping debate can play as they want, without it being a big issue for the people on the other end of the debate.




In addition, when I reach a certain cups level, then I hit a ceiling. Meaning that I can no longer actively attack and win against most of the opponents that are offered to me.

Which means that I cannot fill my raid chest in active combat.

When that happens, I exchange one hero in my team for another one. Which makes my def team more palatable to opponents looking for a win.

Thus, I have guests in my keep who drink my German beer and carry off the cups that it came in :slight_smile:

They get some cups - and I lose some cups. Which makes me competitive again in active combat. Win-win situation!

Yeah, sure, I have battled some extreme cup droppers also.

But with time, you get to recognize those. Def team does not match cups level, for example. Keep your hands off a player with a baby team and 2400+ cups, for example. They are waiting for people to hit them down, so that they can climb up again.
Unless, of course, you are counting on them to come back and hit you for 40+ cups after you have filled your chest for the day. :slight_smile:

Cups themselves are good only for alliance points and bragging rights. And for playing around on your alliance leaderboard, joking about who is cuddling with whom :wink: ( A running joke in our alliance)

It is much more important to the players themselves to fill the raid chest, in order to get a chance at the next colored chest.

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This may not be the right place for sharing an idea I had …looked every where to create a new thread but did not find any…anyways there are times when a team member has an element his team mate needs for ascension…incase if his team mate is not able to get it he can probably trade something that his team member may need…incase if one has a desire to get an ascension item from the other player but that player doesn’t have any desirable item to trade …he can sell his item for 100 gems …gem numbers can vary depending on the rarity of the item