Incorrect war score, player score not recorded

Incorrect scores in war. One player showed score of 0 and should have had 250. Gruesome Slayer Alliance.

Welcome to the forum @Watsherriff!

Couple questions:

  1. Do you perchance have any Screenshots of the offending Score?
  2. Did this score not get added to the Alliance Total? Or was it just in the event logs?
  3. Are you 100% sure that it was that score in particular? Could there have been two attacks, one a loss for 0 points and another victory for the 250 points?
  4. If the above are a yes and it would have affected the outcome of the war, I suggest contacting support (link in how to do that below) with the screenshots and details.

Also check if the player was connected the whole time. One of the main reasons that a 0 gets recorded for a flag is if the player/device disconnects during a flag. This can happen by losing signal, wifi dropping out or device battery dying.

How to contact support:


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