Incorrect war points

There is some funny math going on in war today…

I’m no rocket surgeon but them numbers seem to be off kilter there. :wink:

It’s not a bug. The number of points available for defeating a team is calculated based on the (total HP of said team)/(total HP of the alliance)x1500. Naturally, lot of decimal points come into play when doing these calculations and hence round off errors are introduced each time a team is partially killed. So this is an example of that, the extra 1 came from all the round off errors when the the points were being recalculated everytime the said team didn’t die.

PS: That’s why when a board is fully reset the points are never exactly 1500, it is usually somewhere between 1501-1530 depending on the number of teams participating in the war.


Yes I am sure my hero is worth 66 points I took that screenshot immediately after board flip with no damage done or attacks made on any of my hero’s. I am also sure that that was the sequence of attacks that led to the 67 points total against my character. My bonus points for victory against me is 22 points so either if the first attacks against me would have been 22 points or higher. These were the first 3 attacks against me in the war

I will have to look. The whole numbers of available points for the alliance should add up to 1500 for the alliance. That should be visually able to be confirmed. On the subsequent round my points given to my defeat did equal 66

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@Infernalcloud Yup, that’s why I added this point. :slight_smile:

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I will say that if we lose the war by one point I will dig deep into this… Otherwise I just found it amusing

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Well, since SG cannot give decimal points to a team for winning, this discrepancy will always exist and there is no way around it. I have lost a war previously by 1 point, and I have also won a war with 1 point. So it works both ways at some point. :slight_smile:

PS: Good luck for the war, hope it doesn’t come down to that 1 point. :joy:


It is something I had not noticed before. Thank you for the insight @ThePirateKing you truly are royalty amongst buccaneers my friend.

May be too early to call but I think it is well in hand. The one point may be forgotten


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