Incorrect tournament ranking

The leaderboard shows me tied for rank #10 currently in this 3* tournament with 6160 points, but the “Your Tournament Rank” statement says I am rank #264. I tried closing out of the game and reopening it, but that didn’t correct the problem either.

I know there is another bug at the moment with raid tournaments, that may or may not be related to the one I’m posting here, but this seems different then what other people were describing so starting a new bug report.

Leaderboards (tournament, global & local) are not instantly updated on your device necessarily. It only periodically updates & hence there is often a lag time between a change occurring and it showing on your device. Basically it reduces the need for your device to be constantly going back and forth between the server to update the number.

If you fully close the application & reopen (or just wait some time) it usually triggers a leaderboard update :slight_smile:

I did fully close and reopen the application, a good 6 hours ago or so when I first noticed the issue, and a few minutes ago again before I posted this bug report.

One more thing to note, I am ranked #264, which is… sort of impossible to be an correct value. A person with 9 wins would be nowhere near that sort of ranking on day 2 of a tournament. You have to get the 10th win before you enter into the top … 10,000 or better easily. I finished my attacks this morning… a good 10+ hours into today’s battle day, so I did not reach that ranking after my 9th attack. Also, that ranking has changed slowly throughout the day. Earlier today (3 hours ago), it had me at rank #244 (that screenshot from 3 hours ago attached).

Also, I’ve had tons of experience in the top 100 in tournaments before. Very used to seeing how/when things update. Usually my rank updates right away, but my icon doesn’t show up on the leaderboard for a good 30-60 seconds after doing an attack, but this is completely new behavior for the game.

I would say that the number next to your name is the correct number and the rest of the leaderboard is simply outdated (this is the case in the Raid Arena) per these threads:

It does seem wrong that the leaderboard is STILL not updating after so long and restarting the game. I know Petri opened a related thread so maybe there is a back-end bug affecting the updating of all the leaderboards…?

One way or another, it is obviously a bug affecting either tournament rankings, or the tournament leaderboards. I’m looking at my alt account, and it shows the same leaderboard as my main account (although looks like I’ve moved down to 11th place on the leaderboard). So IF the leaderboard were incorrect, it appears to be incorrect for everyone. Open the game, you’ll see the same incorrect leaderboard (assuming the leaderboard is incorrect). So there’s obviously a bug, the question is, is the ranking wrong, or the leaderboard wrong. I would suspect a bug in the tournament leaderboard code is likely to be different than the code used for the raid leaderboard. Based on the fact that whenever I pull off an A defense rating on the first day, and start off 10-0 (fairly frequently), both my main account (Bors) and my alt account (Borsky2) are pretty much always in the top 25 or so in 3* tournaments. There’s definitely a bug, but it would be extremely surprised to see myself only rank 264 at the end of day 2 in this situation, based on loads of past history.

That one is actually a separate issue (trophy count instead of rank).

Regular raid rank can be fixed simply by close and reopen the game.

But the trophy count issue can only be fixed by raiding or be raided.

Not sure about tournament rank… might be separate code/issue.

For what its worth, when I broke into the top 100 tournament leaderboard this morning everything worked as it typically does. My “Your tournament rank” updated to the ranking I was shown at on the leaderboard. On a sidenote, I did not notice this issue on Monday, but it definitely was present over a many-hour period of time yesterday. Not sure if the issue has been fixed, or if it is one that shows up from time to time for some strange reason or other.

As one might expect, the issue is back again this week. To shed some new light on this though, last week the issue only appeared on Tuesday. All other days of the week the “Your Tournament Rank” and the actual rank matched up properly. Yesterday things were fine, and today (Tuesday), once again the bug is showing up. My guess is tomorrow the correct rankings will be shown again. I could see how this would be a hard bug to track down since most of the time the bug doesn’t exist, but the “Tuesday” factor should certainly help in debugging this.

My alt account shows the same issue as well.

I have the same thing and it’s Monday. I restarted the game and waited 20 minutes

Ya, earlier today Bors was at 3178 points, and it claimed I was rank 1220, even though 3179 made the top 100 (at that point in the day). Looked extremely suspicious but I didn’t have concrete proof. Maybe this bug only occurs earlier in the week. Guessing this bug doesn’t fall very high on the priority list, because there’s all sorts of evidence showing that this is a real bug, yet not hearing any interest in it.

Admins, feel free to let us know if no additional information needs to be posted, but once again… 6 hours and 20 minutes ago it said I was rank 169 (but showing me at rank #5). 4 hours and 30 minutes ago it said I was rank 171 (but showing me at rank #7), and of a few minutes ago it said I was rank 192 (but showing me at rank #7).

I was reporting the same more than a year ago, with no response:

It might be better to send it directly to the support, then you should get some response from them:

Having same issue as mentioned in this post.

Ya, I was in the top 100 on Bors on Monday / yesterday (rank 38 or so?) but it showed the correct rank. Epigenetic mentioned that this happened to him in a 4* tournament on a Monday. Seems like this issue affects 3* tournaments on Tuesdays, and affects 4* tournaments on both Mondays and Tuesdays. It’s almost if there are test or beta accounts that are being filtered out when showing the top 100 leaderboard, but they don’t get filtered out when getting “Your Tournament Rank”. That very well might not be the issue, but that would be an explanation that made sense.

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