Incorrect raid tournament score

My raid tournament score has been reduced to 0 despite having attacked 7 times. I have restarted the game twice and it hasn’t corrected it.

Welcome to the forum @valryn. I hope devs will fix this for you and get some compensation for it.

Wow not only your score but also your rating has been resetted.

You don’t even have points awarded from your defense.

Have you updated the game to the latest update by chance?

I hope your issue gets fixed soon.

I’m on iOS so I haven’t been able to update my game yet.

I see, I have no clue what could be happening here…

You definetely have to submit a ticket so SG can answer your problem



I decided to use my last three flags for the day because I didn’t think I had anything to lose. The result was that even though I won the last three battles the score still says 0.

Have you submit the ticket?

@Petri @zephyr1


@Valryn I definitely recommend submitting a ticket to Support if you haven’t already.

I would include your screenshots, and link them to this thread as well.

Here are instructions for contacting Support, as @moncho shared earlier:

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This is getting very bad for you.

I strongly suggest you to send a ticket immediately.

I have done it a few times with other in game issues and I always had good responses and solutions. You should do the same as soon as possible.

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I did a support ticket straight away but I haven’t heard anything yet. It’s extremely frustrating so hopefully I’ll hear soon.

I can feel your frustration.

It takes some time to get a reply. But every time I sent a ticket, I got an answer.

@Petri @Sara please we have a serious gameplay experience issue here with 1 user that needs to be solved.

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