Incorrect raid tournament loot tier - Tournament Loot Discrepancy MASTER

I received loot tier 5% although ranking 1%

Are you sure loot is top 5%? Looks decent enough. Should have screen-shoted the actual loot, recent activity doesn’t provide any clue regarding loot tier…

Top 1% gives 3 coin rolls.
Top 5% gives 2 coin rolls.

Recent activity shows 2 coins, so definitely Top 5% rewards.

If you close the game then re-open, is your ranking still Top 1% ?

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Right, thanks!

Not sure about 13880 being top 1%. I ended top 1% just under 15000, but got kicked out with two more flags available, so might have added a few hundred points…

Thank Alan. Log out and in, 5% is correct


i placed in the top 5% for the most recent tournament, but got given rewards for the top 10%. anyone else have the same issue?

Hi @Rin, this is a common report.

It appears that the screen will show where you placed when you last played but after all results have been totalled, you have actually slipped down to a lower tier.

It’s almost always just a visual bug, I’m afraid, but it does reflect your final score in the correct bracket.

If you log back in later it will likely have caught up and will show 10% on both screens.

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thanks for the quick response jonah. first time i’ve noticed the issue. bit gutted, as i could do with the emblems!

Today i got rewards like i was in the top 5%, however i was top 1%, i dont know if its just a visual bug, or i really recieved lesser loot than i should have, but it would be worth looking into it.

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