Incorrect point computation for war defense teams

Within the last update, we have noticed one of our defense teams in war having a higher point value even though he does not have the strongest team on the alliance battlefield and his troops are not leveled as much as other teams higher than his defense team as well. We don’t understand why he is being assigned so many points when neither of the defense attributes call for it. Please help. I’ve attached three photos to show 2 teams higher in power than his as well as having higher level troops as an example as how he is being assigned more points. His team is obviously the one with the highest available points and bonus when combined.

Points in war are not based on power, but hp. Teams with higher total hp will be worth more points than other teams, even if the first team has lower total power. I would check the total hp (take troops into account) for each team.

It does seem counter-intuitive to use hp instead of power, but the points are calculated by comparing the hp for each team compared to that entire side’s hp pool.

Edit: see ☠ War Defense - Point Distribution Guide


Victory Points (not bonus) = 1000 / ([Alliance HP] / [Team HP])
Victory Points (not bonus) = 1000 * [Team HP] / [Alliance HP])

borrowed (with a small correction) from How about war point? - #2 by Guvnor The bonus points are an additional 50% of the victory points, giving ~1500 points for each full clear.


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